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Tribu K' MINDANAWAN Cultural Village Fire Dance + side trip on Jack's Ridge Davao City

Another field trip peg mala High School.Part of the 200peso entrance free is a cultural fire dance show at K'Mindanawan Cultural Village.That on top of entrance to Crocodile Park and the Butterfly House.

Tribu K' Mindanawan, is a cultural village that showcases the richness of the Indigenous People in Mindanao.It's part of the Davao Crocodile Park Complex so it's separated by a couple of meters from the crocodile sanctuary.
  Tribu K' MINDANAWAN Cultural Village fire dance

Tribu K'Mindanawan 

You can understand therefore why my wife was so excited about it.every 5:45pm-6:30pm on Friday,Saturday and Sunday,they have a fire dance show at the small ampitheater (or can we even call it an ampitheater?).

We have seen a lot of fire dance routines in the past so the expectation is that they should at least be better.There was a short program before the fire dance show started.They had to make sure it gets a little dark so as to highlight the fire sticks the dancers use.

It started rather lame but picked up with better and more complicated tricks later on.Overall,it was a good show except that they should practice more to improve some of the group tricks.


I was not to complain,my wife was very happy.Good way to spend time if you have nothing very important to do.I guess it was kinda entertaining naman coz we didn't notice we were inside the village for almost 2 hours.
Other than the fire dance,there are some replicas of traditional/tribe houses inside the village.One can also order food at eat under a cultural village setting.

When we came out,Cj was already waiting for us with Jd.He came straight from work to join us for dinner.

Jd drove his SUV and took us for a sidetrip in Jacks's Ridge.The place is famous for fine dining.It is located on a hillside overlooking the expanse of Davao City below.

It was here where I got a better glimpse at how progressive the city is.Cj pointed to us the different areas of interests from there like SM Davao,Ayala Mall,NCCC and the like.I love vantage points like this.It made me busy mapping out the city in my head.:)

We then moved to another location for dinner.Somewhere down the hill.Jd wanted us to experience something a little different in terms of setting so he took us this nice little restaurant where there's no printed menu,you just point to the food you want to eat.It's like a big turo-turo restaurant.

The restaurant is rather cozy for a turo-turo.The lights are mute and for a while I thought it's a pretty quiet place.I was thinking,maybe the people keep the sounds low so as to maintain the intimacy of the place.I realized later on that it was just me having difficulty hearing because of my flu and the sudden ascend from the hilltop.Ang tulin kasing magpatakbo neto si Jd!hahaha

The food is good especially given the price and it was a very good night with our friends Jd and Cj who I thank so much for spending the time with us.Much appreciated talaga.:)
 Teresa with Cj (left) and Jd (center)
First day and first night in Davao City so far so good.We went back to the Royale House Davao which so much anticipation of the destination for the next day.Main event uli! :)

By the way,K'Mindanawas is located in....


Davao Crocodile Park, Riverfront Corporate City, 8000 Davao City

Mon - Tue:8:00 am-6:00 pm
Sun:8:00 am-6:00 am

Here's to their Facebook page:

you may also visit the website: 


  1. gustung-gusto ko ung shots mo ng fire dance

  2. ako din.. ung fire dance shot, i like.. dami palang ganap jan.. :P

  3. astig nung sa mag fire dancer laksa maka fire vendor hoh
    at ung shot ng village ba yan ganda


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