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Davao People's Park+ Pasalubong Center + ZUDA SPA Massage Center

I wanna save the best for last so I am breaking from the chronological narration of events thereby skipping the whole day tour and going straight to our last night in Davao City.

We checked in at a new place.Took a quick shower as were from the beach and immediately hit the road again with Jd who was from work.He took us to Davao People's Park which to my mind is the best public park in the Philippines.
Davao Pasalubong Center

It's well conceptualized,built and maintain.What I like about it are the big open spaces for civic activity.It has circular road which is perfect for brisk walking or jogging.Dotting the circular loop are trees which according to Jd are donated by the people of Davao city themselves.All kinds of trees from Molave to pine trees.Also saw a lot of bamboos in one corner.They were planted neatly and are now fully grown.This is a peoples park indeed as it is not just a product of the city government itself but of the citizens of Davao.
We then went to look for some buys.My wife wanted to buy "malong" for herself so Jd suggested that we go to the new Pasalubong Center just next to the park.

 Davao_city_pasalubong center
Here, we saw an assortment of products one can bring home for memento or as gifts to loved ones.


 We failed to find "malong" but went home with lots of tower "yema" durian flavor and other sweet indulgences locally made.I also sampled on the Durian Flavored Pie which is indeed a delight on the taste buds.
We contacted Cj again and thought of watching a movie.During dinner the night before,we were talking about commodity prices on Davao being cheaper than that of Metro Manila and we touched on prices of movie tickets.I was surprised to know that some cinemas in the city sell tix at around 80pesos.How true?So we thought of watching KimiDora to experience the 80peso rate.

We went to NCCC Mall just a few minutes away from People's park.We lined for the cinema ticketing section but learned that it costs 120 pesos for each pass.Halos pareho lang pala.(In other malls though,it's really 80pesos,swears Jd and Cj).Since Jd was kinda busy and has to get home early for next days work,we just decided to eat dinner together instead of going for a movie.They took us to one restaurant in front of NCCC and we spent almost an hour eating and chatting.
We then walked to nearby Matina Square which is a famous night-out place in the city.Strolled there for a few minutes and bid goodbye to Jd.Cj,my wife and I checked on a massage parlor partly owned ny Cj.ikaw na ang negosyante Cj!!!:)

Cj mentioned about the place when my wife and I were in Baguio the monthe before our Davao trip.I complained on twitter about having the worst massage in my life ever."I felt like I paid somebody 300pesos to rub oil on me" I said in one of my tweets.Cj immediately replied that I should try their massage in ZUDA SPA when I go to Davao.
The massage experience in Baguio being the 2nd time we tried for a cheap price made me think that going to cheap massage parlors is a waste of money.I didn't want to be rude to Cj because he is a dear friend so I agreed to try ZUDA SPA.

In my heart I prayed that it would notbe bad so that I could at least write about for my readers to know.Surprisingly,their masseurs are good.And for that price range,I say that ZUDA SPA Massage Center is a good value massage one can try when in Davao.Again,don't expect anything lavish in terms of interior but I can assure you that they have a decent place there.

ZUDA SPA Massage Center,thank you.Our muscles were tight due to spending the whole day at the beach in Samal island so the massage on our last night in Davao sure did help!

We went back to our accommodation and rested for our early flight back to Manila the next day :)



  1. Wala ring tao nung pumunta ako sa People's Park. Na-try ko na rin yung Zuda Spa, yung girl with short hair yung nag massage sakin, masarap naman. :)

  2. Wow, I was always fascinated by your skills in photography. Ganda lagi ng mga shots mo parekoy. Nga pala, sponsored ba yang travel nyo or from your own pockets yung gastos nyo?

    One more thing, pasalubong ko ha when get back home. Gusto ko yung Durian Candy ahaha /joke!!!

  3. @Fiel--yeah,hindi to sponsored,personal na gala nung June pa sya.delayed posting lang.hehe

  4. Wow congratulations parekoy! Daddy ka na ^_^

  5. haha asan un pasalubng ko anton?? haha ganda nmn ng place

  6. hello there. san yang ZUDA spa sa davao? like to try it also


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