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“Goodbye Bland, Hello Flavorful!” with McCormick BREAD SPREAD

“Goodbye Bland, Hello Flavorful!”Looks like more and more people will say these words. That's because of the latest addition to the wonderful lineup of products McCormick has in grocery shelves.I got a hold of the BREAD SPREADS McCormick has and I can easily recommend this to everyone.This is for those who value flavor above anything else.

The Bread Spreads come in an exciting array of flavors – Garlic, Herb Parmesan and Pesto – that will surely tease your taste buds.I already have my favorite.HERB Parmisan!!!!
 McCormick_Bread Spread
No it's not lotion,it's McCormick Bread Spread


The McCormick Bread Spreads are as versatile as can be. They are perfect solo, simply spread on bread or crackers or served as a dip with chips. It has been rainy in Metro Manila these past few days and that means cancellation of classes for my wife.Meaning,more movie marathons at home.Yeah, we tried chips on the spreads and it was perfect!They are also great when paired with a variety of foods from salads to pastas to main dishes. You can be as adventurous as you want!


Comes in cool packaging too.Mala-lotion lang ang peg.But it these are bread spreads mind you.I like the packaging though (no-mess squeezable tubes) coz its so easy to apply on the bread and less messy as well.I don't mind bringing them in my room during quick snacks.


With the introduction of this latest line of products, McCormick continues to bring passion to flavor. Look for the new McCormick Bread Spreads at your neighborhood supermarkets and put an end to bland.I say Amen to that!

To know more about McCormick and McCormick products, visit and For delicious recipes, go to McCormick Flavor HQ at or


  1. wow this is new. di ko pa to nakita sa grocery. super nice!

  2. sarap nmn bread lover ako hmm peo mas gusto ko pa din ung home made spread ewan ko bkit


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