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Bum Equipment HOODIE BAG brings out the #teenager in me

I hate Bum Equipment for making me feel this way.I felt like a #teenager again.Blame it on this Hoodie Bag they gave me.They sure know the taste of the hip youth market and those like me who pretend to be young.On second thought,I think I love it.You can still be chick and colorful even if you are already thirty something.Bum Hoodie Bag?????I like!!!!
 Bum Equipment HOODIE BAG

And these Voodo Dolls make me wanna learn witchcraft all of a sudden,that is,if ever there is really such.hahaha

Taking off from its successful “Teevolution” campaign, which called forth an outpour of vibrant colors, bold prints, and graphic ethnic patterns, innovative brand BUM helps the youngsters today stand out by upping their style quotient and street cred in time for the 1st semester of school.I miss going to school!!! :(

Veering away from the normal and the ordinary design concepts of most local clothing labels, BUM comes up with stylish yet functional bags that carry the brand’s style philosophy: the Modern Goth Look with a touch of Glam Rock. 
This utilitarian concept was made casual by BUM, turning motorcycle jackets into cropped ones, and with notched collar jackets for boys. They can also go for the “casual cool” look with chino cuffed pants that allow them to swing from schoolwork to play without breaking a sweat.

Girls, who love pieces that can be mixed and matched with their favorite tops and bottoms, will be delighted to know that BUM has whipped up something new for them, as well. BUM introduces the rayon fabric for girls and exciting new designs such as 2-in-1 tops, casual blazers, and blouses with built-in mini designed to look like tunics.
 I should have put up a colorful shirt as well.haha
Making a statement, however, is not limited to a person’s wardrobe. BUM has also come up with trendy bags that can complete one’s getup.

Splashed with catchy, statement patterns, the BUM Tote bag for girls/teens, for instance, are printed with provocative messages that speak volumes about the wearer’s personality or mood for the day.
HERE'S to the complete line of new bags from Bum Equipment
Made of printed canvas mixed with poly-fine fiber, the BUM Reversible Bag is designed with eye-catching patterns and minimal accent details. Since both sides (inner and outer) have designs, it’s like having two bags in one!

I am sure my younger siblings will envy me sporting one.This will be quite a statement!

Thanks Bum for this one! :)


BUM is available in leading department stores nationwide. For more information, visit or like them on Facebook at


  1. wow! nice ng bag! Lalo na yung voodoo dolls.

    Sana padalan din ako ng BUM, kahit yung voodoo dolls lang as accessories sa bag :p

  2. an cute nmn pati ung mga voodoo dolls ganda


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