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Kuala Lumpur HOP-ON,HOP-OFF BUS: route,ticket prices & operation hours

"So many things to see,so little time" --we always hear that ayt?And I always say that too.We simply wanna see and experience more.KL is no exemption.So the question is,what is the fastest way to go around KL?By taxi of course.Fast and convenient.But not without a price.

So if you are traveling on a tight budget at a tight schedule,I would suggest you make google work weeks before your flight and do your research,on where to go and what transportation to take.In Kuala Lumpur,public transportation is efficient.I am a fan of their train system.There is another alternative.For first timers,I would say,the most efficient and cheapest way to see KL is via the Hop-on,Hop-off Bus.
Kuala Lumpur Hop-on,Hop-off Bus 
 Kuala Lumpur HOP-ON,HOP-OFF BUS

KL HOP-ON HOP-OFF CITY TOUR, which had been operated by Elang Wah Sdn Bhd, offer a pre-recorded commentary in nine different languages that will guide the tourist through the major sights and attractions in the city. Developed based on established services from cities like London, Paris, Barcelona and Edinburgh with a twist to suit the climate and the road system in the city, it is also a tourist-friendly transportation system.
What I like about the service is that covers a circle route that allows tourists to start the tour and end at the same location.You will not get lost coz you will go back to the same spot when you finish the tour.Very good for first timers in KL and for those who are npt very good with directions or haggling with taxi drivers.Yes,Even in Southeast Asia's most visited country,haggling for a taxi is still a way of life.

 Ticket Price

Adult: RM38
Child(5 to 12 yrs)/Student/Disable: RM17
MyKad holder: RM19 (Adult) & RM12 (Child/Student/Disable)
Along the route, there are approximately more than 40 attractions where the tourists can hop-on or hop-off at any of the 23 designated stops.You are not required to Hop-Off at every stop.Just pick the stops you want to see sure to be mindful of the time though,bus interval is 30 minutes each so if you miss one,that means waiting another 30-minutes for the next one.Be sure to plan where to go and what to do so that you can go back to the bus drop off area to continue with the tour.

The View from the Hop-On,Hop-off bus




Petronas Towers

 The route has 23 stops all in all with Petronas Tower (KLLC) at stop #1.But I didn't hop-off there.I already had an affair with Petronas Tower on our 2nd day in KL.That's where I went after going to Batu Caves. :)

The Hop-on,Hop off bus is a guided tour.There's a recording which gives you interesting information about the key interests along the way.Seats are comfortable but there are instances when the bus is full you have to stay on standing position.

You are not required to start at #1, in my case,i joined the tour at stop #16 in front of the national Mosque and ended in stop #6.


 It was in Stop #18 where I first hop-off.The bus stop is across the street from MEDAN MARA,an iconic building marking the famous shopping district.


 I thought of trying the area although I had no intention of shopping.Had to buy something for memento though so I got this football scarf for RM25.
I bought this for RM25 :)

Went inside one of the famous shopping malls in the area----SOGO and I realized how crazy they are here over Shopping Sales. SALE from JUNE to SEPTEMBER? 4 months? Anung sinabi ng 5-day sale ng SM?lol

Sale, June -Sept. what!?????

 I was out of Malaysian Ringgit that time so I looked for a money changer but proved to be difficult.Almost failed to climb the observation deck of Menara Tower because of that.Fortunately,I found one at lower exchange rate at the ground floor of the tower.

#2: KL Tower

Yeah,my last significant stop which deserves another blog entry soon. Menara Tower or KL TOWER was my last important stop before going back to the hotel.
For now,I will be sharing a few snaps of the Cultural Village at the base of KL TOWER which features traditional Malaysian houses and instruments among others.


View MAP here:


First bus: 8:30 am
Last bus: 8:30 pm
Interval: 30 to 35 minutes

In summary,my Hop-on,Hop-off Bus tour experience was a success.I was thinking,was it practical that I only hopped-off twice but it was all worth it.Given the total area covered,I know it would have caused me even more should I took the taxi.Although I was just in the bus in some of the stops,I had a better sense of where the important landmarks are in KL and a deeper appreciation of the city given the recorded voice over inside the bus.I've already been to other areas (like the Petronas Tower area) the day before so I didn't hop-off there but taking the bus tour made me put the pieces together and mentally map out KL.This sense of awareness as to where things are in in the city was highlighted by the climb at KL (Menara) Tower.I am confident now that I will not get lost in the city should I come back in the near future.

This was part of the KL Bloggers Challenge courtesy of Airphil Express and Tourism Malaysia.
Airphil Express now flies to KL 3x a week: link here:


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