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NATIONAL MOSQUE (Masjid Negara) Kuala Lumpur

I heard that the best and cheapest way to go around key attractions in Kuala Lumpur is via Hop-on Hop-off bus.I found a spot under a tree in Merdeka Square and paused to check my tourist map.The maps are easy to use.You will not miss your destination coz they are marked on the map.But that doesn't mean there's no more challenge.In a city with so many interesting attractions and not to mention,buildings,you will still be required to use your head to navigate your way.

Or maybe I should take back what I said that it's easy.(Gulo ko lang.hahaha) I saw the mark of the nearest hop-on hop-off bus but failed to find it.Saw another stop near the National Mosque which is only a few kilometers away from Merdeka Square.That's where I headed next.
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The National Mosque(Masjid Negara)  is an architectural tribute to Islam,the official religion of Malaysia.Situated on 13 acres, the mosque houses a central courtyard measuring 153 sq.feet and tower with over 245 steps.Ang laki lang!The mosque also houses a library,offices and a mausoleum for the nation's heroes.
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Unfortunately,it was Sunday when I came and the Mosque is closed from 12-3pm on Sundays.I was on a tight schedule and wanted to cover more areas so I couldn't wait for it to open.What I only did therefore was to stroll around the compound of the mosque.I must have been nice watching the Muslims in prayer.I heard that the mosque has a capacity of 15,000 pax.

Sharing the photos here........
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Thinking about it now,I haven't really experience much of the National Mosque except for seeing its exterior but I donno why such was my joy when I was there.Mababaw lang talaga kaligayahan ko.hahaha
National Mosque_Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 
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When there was nothing more to cover,I studied my map again and tried to find stop #16 of the hop-on,hop off bus.It took almost 30minutes for me to do so coz the station is supposed to be at the main entrance to the National Mosque and I thought I was in the main entrance but I was not.Walked to towards the direction of KL Central Station and back.It was around 2pm so I guess you can imagine how sweaty I was.hahaha
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KL Central Train Station
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I finally decided to check the other side of the compound and realized that the main entrance is the.Damn!Stop #16 is between the National Mosque and a yellow building with a name "Tv Alhijrah" on it.There we mobile snack stores on the sidewalk so I bought some refreshments while waiting for the bus.

Will talk about my Kuala Lumpur Hop-on,Hop-off bus experience soon :)

This was part of the KL Bloggers Challenge courtesy of Airphil Express and Tourism Malaysia.
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  1. Grabe ka parekoy, after ng Pinas sa Malaysia naman! Galing!

  2. napuntahan ko rin to buti na lang talaga meron kaming nameet na tour guide.. thanks for my friendliness.. hahah.. yung papunta kasi namin hindi ako maging kumportable pag walang si tour guide.. :P

  3. ganda tlga ng structures nila nu mahigpit dyan sa mga ganyan diba?


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