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MERDEKA SQUARE and my visit to Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

I was walking around the grounds of Jamek Mosque when I saw the giant flag pole towering the horizon.It got me curious and ask a fellow tourist.She happens to walk by the mosque from there and it was her who said that it's at the heart of Independence Square.I immediately proceed there after the brief walk around Masjid Jamek and my resolve to stay in the city rather than try Genting Highlands intensified.

This is like Luneta for Malaysia with loads of history and interesting buildings around it.They call it MERDEKA SQUARE.
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I love KL! In front of  Kuala Lumpur city Gallery


Merdeka literally means Independence.The place therefore is the Independence Square of Kuala Lumpur.Just wanna be clear about that because Jakarta also has a Merdeka this is where the National flag of a free Malaysia was raised in August 31, 1957.It is therefore the core of KL's history, that, on top of the fact that it sits at the confluence of the two rivers,Klang and Gombak,

It is a significant place not just because of its symbolism but also because this is where you can find many

Surrounding the square are many buildings of historical interest like the Sultan Abdul Samad Building ,the famous Royal Selangor Club Complex, the former National History Museum and St.Mary's Anglican Cathedral among others. 

 Merdeka Square view from the Giant Flag Pole
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the City Theater
 Sultan Abdul Samad Building
 currently the office of the Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture of Malaysia.
Old Court of Appeals
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the National Textile Museum
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the Selangor Club
built in 1884 as a meeting place for high-ranking members of the British colonial society.

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the Cathedral of St. Mary
currently the Diocese of West Malaysia and the see of the Bishop of West Malaysia.
Kuala Lumpur City Library
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restaurant warisan

Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

Also in the square in between Restaurant Warisan and the Kuala Lumpur City Library is the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery.I suggest this place to first timers in KL as here you would get to have a better understanding of the key tourist attractions in the city.There is a section showing the timeline of Malaysia's history.It is learning about these basics that you get a sense of what is in-store for you,and from there,go deeper in you appreciation.

Kuala Lumpur 101 at the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery
Kuala Lumpur which literally means 'muddy estuary' was founded at the confluence of the Gombak River and Klang River.
Confluence of Klang River and Gombak River ---the Gombak River runs through Selangor,.The point where it meeĆ¾s the Klang River is the beginning of the city and the origins of its name--Kuala Lumpur.
Masjid Jamek is the first brick mosque in the city.It was constructed on the first Malay Burial Ground in Kuala Lumpur.Feature Moghul architecture and heritage,it has three Mogul domes,a courtyard,minarets set at a symmetrical composition of the mosque and smaller chatris surrounding it.
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There are also brochures you can take for free,maps especilly.That's what I like about KL,they have good maps so its not difficult to find your way through the city.You can also personally ask for assistance from the staff you are very able to help you.
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I was told by one of them that they have an ongoing Facebook contest where you just have to upload your "I LOVE KL" photo.I joined when I got back in Manila and guess what,yeah, I won!

I was contacted but the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery saying I won an overnight stay at Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur worth RM500.Lucky year.

The thing though is that the hotel accommodation expires August 31.Sayang naman diba?So it is settled.I am going back to KL this August.yay!

This was part of the KL Bloggers Challenge courtesy of Airphil Express and Tourism Malaysia.
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  1. Congrats for winning! Been following your entry about KL. I'm going in KL on September 3 to 6. =)

  2. sayang at di na kami nakalibot sa KL main city.

    Maganda sana magpapic sa i love kl sign :D

  3. HANTON!!!!!!! mukhang maganda jan! nde pa ako nakapadpad jan... mapuntahan nga yan hehehe!!!! balik kana!!!

  4. ganda ng mga building haha
    ung pla yun ibig sabihin ng kuala lumpur

  5. ang ganda ng mga building. at ikaw na swerte! congrats!

  6. Sana Manila would have this kind of free facility for visitors. Promising din naman ang city natin, underdevelop lang talaga...


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