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"5-star bed at a 1-star price? "only at TUNE HOTELS

"Sometimes, all you really need from a hotel is a hot shower and a good night's rest. "---That's what I have always been saying.A comfortable bed is important to me and I am sure to most of us.But this direct quote is not mine, this is the marketing  tagline of TUNE HOTELS.

The first time I heard about the brand was during our trip in Kuala Lumpur.Our guide assigned by Tourism Malaysia was very funny and he called our attention towards the hotel near KLIA. Upon returning to the Philippines,I was surprised to know that the brand has already cemented its presence in the country.

There are so many things to say about this brand.A hotel which allows you to choose what you need and pay for only the things you ask for----a brilliant idea!
Tune Hotels Ermita Manila Branch

Tune Hotels in the Philippines

 That's when I heard of Tune Hotels Makati.Found out later on that the first branch opened in Angeles Pampanga.Another one opened in Cebu later on.Ermita brach,where we stayed was actually the third and Makati the fourth.Branches in Cagayan de Oro,Davao and Ortigas are expected to open later this year or early 2013.  

I mentioned earlier that I had a misconception of the Ad-ons offered by the hotel.I thought of hidden charges.But after trying Ermita branch,I realized that this is the most straightforward Hotel you can find.
Tune Hotels offer a base rate for the room.You then have the option (not required) to add extras.

how does it work?


Room rate could go as low as 888pesos.
I heard they even had a 1-peso promo last time.Seat sale?hahaha

Air Conditioning (12 hours credit) --PHP 200.00
Air Conditioning (24 hours credit) -- PHP 350.00
Early Arrival (from 11.00 am) --PHP 300.00
Entertainment Package (24 hr Cable TV) (PH) --PHP 130.00
Late Departure (up to 2.00pm) -- PHP 300.00
Towel Rental + Essentials toiletries kit (PH) --PHP 90.00
WIFI Internet Connection per device (12 hour period) --PHP 120.00
WIFI Internet Connection per device (24 hour period) --PHP 240.00

That said, you can "fine tune" your needs and therefore "not pay" for those that you don't need.Why pay for the internet if you don't need it?Why pay for the towels if you have one with you? Why pay for the airconditioner if you can survive without it?This gives you the flexibility on your budget. 

DON'T WORRY If it is the basic need to check emails or google something that you need, they have computer terminals in the lobby which you can access for free.

People know about the scheme and nobody's complaining.In the first place,if you want a full service hotel,then choose a 5-star accommodation and be ready to pay the price.


The pools, spas, saunas, room service,the expensive paintings on the walls, you actually pay for that in a hotel.At Tune Hotels,they stripped all of that to offer you just the things you need thereby keeping the rates low.

5 Reasons to Choose Tune Hotels

1. 5-star beds

The bed! I was really surprised to see a bed this good in a budget hotel.a 5-star bed at 1-star price.Are you kidding me?

That's a hypnos bed there.My back loved it.And the linens and pillows are nothing but clean and good smelling. Tune Hotels sure know the essentials.It rained a lot during our stay in Tune Ermita and that meant  staying indoor most of the time.We love cuddling on rainy days.The bed lived to its promise.

PS:Book early, think of booking an airplane ticket,it could really get very cheap when you book in advance. They have rooms too for people with disabilities (wheelchair rooms). The corner rooms are also more spacious so you might want to inquire about that.
2. Power showers

Don't you hate it when you are in for a good shower but the water pressure is not strong enough? Don't have to worry about that at Tune Hotels.The hot and cold shower was a delight.

Each ooms feature ensuite private bathrooms with high-pressure, heated Power Showers. So even though you're paying minimal room rates, you're still enjoying premium showers in maximum privacy.


3.Central and convenient locations 

Central located doesn't just mean easy to find,it also means being at the center of happenings.Malls,hospitals,restaurants etc.Tune Ermita for example is close to the entertainment district of Malate.Everybody knows Malate.It's popular both both locals and foreigners for its fine dining and night life.Is it clubbing you want?You are at the heart of it.

It's also walking distance from Baywalk.Manila Bay sunset!There's also Raja Sulayman Park where Ermita Church is located.Tune Ermita is five minutes away from the Cultural Center on the South and five minutes to Luneta historic Intramuros and Fort Bonifacio on the North.Talk about Central locations.

Malate at night
Ermita Church
Manila Bay---baywalk area

4.Clean environment

Through affordable pay-as-you-use system of add-ons for energy-consuming facilities and amenities, they try to help you conserve both your funds as well as the earth's resources.The hotel is new so cleanliness is no issue for me.I hope they maintain it that way.Even the elevator smells good.Glad they put air freshener in each to ensure the smell is pleasant.


5. 24-hour security

Electronic key card access into rooms, CCTV cameras, round-the-clock on duty reception staff and no access to the main lobby without a key card past midnight.That's the way to go,

I also like it that there is a safe inside the room where one can keep valuables just in case.


Molly Malone's Irish Pub

Tune Hotels are not full service hotels so most of the branches don't offer breakfast as add-on.In the case of Tune Ermita though,there is a 7-11 Convenience store at the ground floor so it is indeed convenient if you need a quick bite.Also,there is an Irish pub which has newly opened this week. Molly Malone's Irish Pub .It's the first and only Irish pub in the city of Manila and is set to be one of the best of its kind in the Metro.Now you don't have to go to Murphys in Makati or the Tavern in Alabang if you want to experience that Irish pub feel.

I suddenly miss GUINNESS beer so my wife and I went downstairs to a late afternoon sip.The manager Mr Ingles who is Australian joined us for a small chat.We talked about the pub and how he is envisioning it to be. Molly Malone's Irish Pub  was actually not yet fully opened that time but they allowed us to try the place.Thanks Mr.Ingles for the warm reception.Would love to go back again soon.

with Mr. Ingles,the Manager of  Molly Malone's Irish Pub


All Tune Hotels branches,not just in the Philippines, have a section where you can take a photo of yourself and have it posted on the Facebook wall of Tune Hotels Syempre di namin pinalampas yan ni wifey :)
That on top of the photo sessions we had inside our room :)

I see the entry of Tune Hotels in the Philippine market as a win to our continuous effort to promote the country as a tourism destination.This means diversified accommodations to cater to the budget conscious travelers so that they can spend their cash on something else.

Our stay at Tune Hotels Ermita was pleasant.I actually forgot that I was staying at a budget hotel. I would love to try other branches soon.Makati has newly opened and they are planning to open in Davao,Cagayan de Oro and Ortigas.5-star bed at a 1-star price? Yes,at TUNE HOTELS ,it's possible!

they have a cool website similar where you feel like booking
for a flight when you book rooms.hahaha


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  8. The tune hotel at kuala lumpur airport is not at KLIA, it is at LCCT, 20 km away

  9. @Martin---Tune Hotel - KLIA - LCCT Airport, Sepang -----------what are you saying Dude? *(check their website:

    do you mean to say the LCCT is 20kms away from KLIA?For all I know,LCCT is part of KLIA,it's just the budget airport section.Am I wrong?

  10. Hello Pusang, yes I a am a bit wrong, the 2 terminals together are called KLIA, but, yes, the LCCT where Tune Hotel is located is actually 20km from the main terminal. Many passengers miss flights because they don't realise this. I learnt something too, the new Ortigas Tune hotel, I look forward to your review of that later, bye from Palawan

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  12. Obviously written by a staff member of Tune.

  13. The hotel seems to be good, clean and this is place where people can relax. Thanks for sharing this to us.
    Guijo Suites Makati Hotel

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