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Monday, August 13, 2012

my version of ADOBO with liver spread and McCormick Bay Leaves

Starting the week not with a travel post but with Food.You got that right.Househusband na househusband ang peg dito.lol.If you can remember,we got a hold of a couple of McCormick spices last time so my wife and I decided to show how these spices could be used in our favorite dishes.The first attempt was courtesy of my wife and it was quite a failure.

It's my turn this time around.I had difficulty thinking what to cook since I also suck at the kitchen.I was thinking of chicken curry since we have McCormick Curry powder but I am not a fan of curry so I had to think of another recipe.I then remembered that we also have Bay Leaves  (laurel) so adobo (my favorite) came as an easier alternative.
 ADOBO with liver spread and McCormick Bay Leaves

I got to excited to showcase what I would come up with my own version of adobo.That's the story behind all these ingredients.This is what I originally prepared.

1/4 kilo pork
1/4 kilo chicken
Sweet potato instead of potato
Soy Sauce
McCormick Bay Leaves (laurel)
Bay Leaves are robust, strongly aromatic with a woody, astringent flavor and a pleasant, slightly minty aroma.

I originally thought of overwhelming my adobo with ingredients.I thought of drowning the recipe with all sorts of ingredients so as to drown the humiliation should it fail.Para kahit palpak,at least gulpi gulat sa ingredients.hahaha

I suddenly recalled my former housemate,Josh,  is an adobo lover.I recall that he used to teach me his version of adobo.I forget how to do it of course being a person of short memory when it comes to cooking.Immediately phoned him for last minute help. Call a friend? :)

He told me to drop the pineapple,ginger and sweet potato and do in another way.He suggested I add liver spread instead.


So the final ingredients would be...

1/4 kilo pork
1/4 kilo chicken
Sweet potato instead of potato
Soy Sauce
Liver spread***
McCormick Bay Leaves

Saute onion and garlic with pork.Let it stay for 5 minutes.Added the chicken.Let it cook for another 3minutes.Add soy sauce and vinegar.Add half cup of water.Add pepper and two tablespoons liver spread.Let it simmer for a few minutes until meat is tender.
added the chicken after the pork turned brownish so as not 
to overcook the chicken (whitish part)

Finally added McCormick Bay Leaves (laurel) to remove the fishy smell from meat (malansang amoy) and add aroma into it.(Already salivating during this time).Let it cook for a few more minutes until much of the water has evaporated leaving a thick sauce.

Then the taste test with my wife ready with a plate of rice.I made her eat and evaluate my attempt to cook adobo.She said it falls a little (just a little) short of soy sauce and vinegar but it's good enough.I felt sooooo proud!

Pwede naman pala.An adobo meal without the potato and stuff.This is the tipid version.The liver spread also did wonder and the Bay Leaves gave the final touches,after all,smell play a big role in our appetite.

I am drafting this post at 1am and this makes me hungry again.I didn't eat with my wife but I made sure I set aside a plate of "my version of adobo" for breakfast.I can't wait! :)



  1. di ko feel ang liver spread kaya kung gagayahin ko ang niluts mo, no-no-no liver spread. hahaha

  2. wow lakas maka boy logro chef na chef ang dating specialty ko yan kaso adobong dukha lang haha


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