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The 95-year old rare Jelutung (Dyera Costulata) tree near KL Tower

I think this deserves a separate entry.

I decided to have a quick snack before climbing the observation deck of KL TOWER so I went to the balcony at the base of the complex. I noticed this giant tree so I came closer to have a look.

This is what the marker says---- "This rare Jelutung (Dyera Costulata) tree is 95 years old. To conserve it, the position of the Tower was shifted to avoid the tree and a series of soldier piles were installed as a retaining wall during the foundation excavation period to prevent the tree from toppling. The conservation of the tree by perspective planning and construction methods, incurring a total cost of RM430,000.00, permits this natural rarity to be enjoyed by our future generations.

 Jelutung (Dyera Costulata) tree near KL Tower

This is what I like about Malaysia,there are a lot of Green Spaces.One can notice that on the ground and the areas are even more prominent when see from KL Tower.It only shows that despite the continuous construction of massive building projects,green belts are still maintained to make sure that the environmental balance is still kept.

The tree is on the left side when you are facing the tower.Be sure not to miss it when you visit KL Tower.

This was part of the KL Bloggers Challenge courtesy of Airphil Express and Tourism Malaysia.
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  1. 95 ha dang tanda nmn pla nyan peo di sya nakakatakot ksi naisip ko kapag matandang puno nakaktakot ung itsura

  2. Wow, its so tall! I like KL's concept of being modernized city with minimal impact to environment or more so staying to be a "green city" while developing.


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