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meeting Malaysian blogger FUFU of , finally!

I have known him for years.I don't know exactly when but it has been quite some time.We got acquainted of course through blogging.He constantly visits and comments in my blog and I also do the same to his.That way,we come to know each other a little more each time.He is an online buddy,and one of the few people I was very eager to meet.I am referring to Lam Ching Fu otherwise known as Fufu of is a blogger from Malaysia.I call him Fufu the Great coz I admire his travels and the many things he has achieved at such a young age.

He's been to 56 countries.Wow!That includes the Philippines of course.He has been here twice actually and I keep inviting him to come back the 3rd time but busy schedule prevailed so the meetup never happened.
meeting Malaysian blogger FUFU

That until AirPhil Express took us to Malaysia last June.I finally got to meet Fufu the great!!!!

The meeting was brief and informal.Actually,we almost failed to meet.Fufu has become busy since he started working with a construction firm in KL and I was in a bloggers tour where we were tasked to discover Malaysia on our own so our schedule almost didn't match.

You should therefore understand my happiness when we eventually were able to squeeze it in our schedule.I came back to the Hotel 15minutes before checkout (from KL Tower) and Fufu came a bit later.We were to be fetched by Tourism Malaysia for our last supper in Malaysia before going back to Manila.Since their bus came late,it game Fufu and I a little time to chat (while standing at the lobby of Radius Hotel along with other Filipino bloggers).Too short a time I thought for a first meeting.

Brief as it was,I am very glad I finally met Fufu.

And by the way Fufu,I was starstruck.hahaha.See you again soon!

This was part of the KL Bloggers Challenge courtesy of Airphil Express and Tourism Malaysia.
Airphil Express now flies to KL 3x a week: link here:


  1. di pakonakaakita ng blogger like me haha

  2. I saw his blog as well and he almost got around the world! His travel adventures were exciting to read as well especially his encounter to new things in different places he visits. Nice thing that you met him already...


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