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BUS/Shuttle schedule from LCCT-KLIA to Kuala Lumpur vice versa

I was initially worried flying out of Manila to KL late at night.The 3.5hours flight would mean we'll be landing in LCCT at around 11:30pm.Given all the immigration check and stuff,we'd be clear at around 12:30 or 1am.The concern was,the transportation from LCCT to downtown KL at 1am.

Sure,twas my 2nd time in KL but the first time was kinda different.Tourism Malaysia shuttled us from the airport to our hotel and back.We were pampered.So i was not sure how to travel from the airport to KL past midnight.The concern was aggravated when  a former work colleague told me about her experience.She said she had to take the taxi and paid +/- 2,500php for the ride.I definitely don't want to pay that much for the taxi so I thought of the following options.

1. Clear immigration within 30minutes and catch the last KLIA Express train trip at 12:30am.
2.Stay at LCCT til 5:30am until the first trip for buses.
3.Share a taxi ride with a couple (strangers)
Star Shuttle from LCCT-KLIA to Kuala Lumpur vv.

Since option 1 was kinda difficult,and option 2 would be very inconvenient,I thought of posting an announcement in one of the forums in PinoyExchange.I asked if anybody will be flying to KL on the same date and asked if they would like to share the taxi ride with us.

I was surprised when somebody posted a reply on bus schedules.That's when I learned about STAR SHUTTLE. Damn!meron naman pala! And the last trip is at 2:30am.Sigh of relief!

We immediately cleared immigration,exchanged a few Malaysian Ringgit and asked for the booth where to buy tickets for Star Shuttle.They are stationed at the ground floor before the exit of LCCT.I later on learned that there are a few other bus companies offering transfer to KL at an affordable price.

Star Shuttle -Schedule-LCCT-KLIA to KL

I was lured by some of them but it was still with Star Shuttle where I purchased tickets coz they offer a better package.At RM18, Star Shuttle takes you straight to your hotel anywhere in Kuala Lumpur.We left LCCT at 12:30am with the bus half full.Since passengers are to go to different destinations in KL,there are some drop off points where you will be transferred to another smaller shuttle which will in turn take you to your hotel.That is of course covered by the RM18 per pax rate.Very convenient.We were in our hotel (Seri Pacific) at around 2am.

Flying to KL past midnight is not a problem after all.The last trip is at 2:30am.I have provided here a link for the complete Schedule.

It was via Star Shuttle as well that we returned to LCCT from Puduraya Bus Terminal upon arriving from Penang on our Airphilexpress return flight to Manila.Return ticket costs RM12 per pax and the buses park in front of Mydan Mall a few minutes before the schedule departure.

Star Shuttle Kuala Lumpur,I love!!!!

This post is part of my Malaysia2.0 Series:Feel free to read the rest of the entries here:

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  1. i hope to experience this someday. =D

  2. i hope makapagtravel din ako para magamit ko yang info mo haha

  3. I agree with you. This post is truly inspirational. I like your post and all you share with us is up to date and quite informative, i would like to bookmark the page so i can come here again to read you, as you have done a wonderful job.

  4. super duper thanks to this info..been worried much lately since im traveling alone next month..

  5. hi, could i ask how far to walk from the Pudu Bus terminal to Mydin mall to take the star shuttle to LCCT? Thanks

  6. Hi, could I ask, how far is to walk from Pudu Bus Terminal to Mydin mall. I arriving around midnight and was wondering would it be difficult to locate the bus stop? Thanks

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  8. Until what time are the ticketing counters open past midnight for Star Shuttle?


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