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My Malaysia2.0 Series Starts at SERI PACIFIC HOTEL Kuala Lumpur

I never thought of returning to Malaysia exactly two months after touring Kuala Lumpur via #Airphilexpress and Tourism Malaysia.That until I was triggered.And the culprit,the 3D/2N accommodation at Seri Pacific Hotel I won by joining the Facebook contest of Kuala Lumpur City Gallery.I was lucky.In as easy as uploading my I LOVE KL photo in their fan page,I got this awesome price which I heard is worth RM500 per night.

I was not as excited as the first time of course (or so I don't wanna admit),but I spoke highly of KL on my return to Manila and the weeks after that my wife was curious and wanted to see the place herself.The only taste of Malaysia she has was in 2008 when we crossed the border from Singapore to Johor to dine in a seaside restaurant there.Will detail about the places we went to on my next posts as I would like to focus on Seri Pacific Hotel first.

Our flight from Manila left at 7:45pm.The three-hour plane journey meant landing at LCCT-KLIA at around 11:55pm.I made advanced booking at the hotel prior to our flight with half of the first day already consumed since we already arrived at the hotel at around 2:30am.The receptionist was very welcoming and quick so we were in our room in no time.

I immediately noticed the lobby which has a rustic feel.It's a relatively old hotel judging from the looks of it but with a sense of dignity and heritage in it.Heritage might be too big of a word.What I want to say is,the hotel lobby exudes of pride in it.
the lobby of Seri Pacific Hotel

Our room was a deluxe single with a king size bed.The interior is different from the other hotels I tried thus far.I like the way the bed was arranged in relation to the sofa,the workstation,the tv and that kinda stuff.I like the carpet too and the its red accent.Noticed though that its a little stained and probably needs replacement.

The tv is a little small given the size of the room but I am not complaining.At least its not over imposing.As long as they have CNN and it's a flat screen then it would be okay with me.Noticed though that they have only a few channels in the selection.A few movie channels,CNN,some local networks and two or three sports channels.I think it would be better if they add some kids channel for family guests.
the amenities in this Kuala Lumpur hotel include:

Individually controlled air conditioning
Separate bath and shower
International direct dial telephone and voice mail
LCD cable television
In-house movie channels
Fully stocked minibar
In-room safe
Iron and ironing board
Laundry service
Electricity: 220 / 240V

Non-smoking rooms available upon request.We stayed in a non-smoking room of course but I was surprised to learn that one can smoke at the lobby.

I like the way the room is lit and the absence of unnecessary furniture or fixtures that only crowds the space.Despite the big bed,there is still a lot of space to walk around.

Cable internet is complimentary to guests.We didn't bring laptop so we didn't maximize it and had to rely on the wifi connection to our iphone which was kinda weak/slow coz our room is located in the 22nd floor.(I donno if that's an excuse but that's what I was told anyway).Was able to browse my blog and read my manga though.That's enough.

The Power Shower is a delight.I spent a lot of time having hot showers in the morning and before going to bed.Hot Power Shower = happiness.I didn't care about the bath tub in the other section,the hot shower was more than enough to delight me.

I know that the lights on Petronas Tower is turned off at around 10 or 11 each night so I didn't bother opening the window curtain.I saved to to the next day to surprise my wife who was unsuspecting that our rooms offers a good view of the twin towers.Woke up with a sunny morning and my was wowed seeing the towers for the first time basking in the early morning sun.

Seri Pacific is strategically located between two Train Stations --PWTC and Putra.PWTC stands for Putra World Trade Center,coz yes,it's next to the World Trade Center in Putra,and the other line (Putra) is the one which leads you directly to Batu Caves, which one of the most famous attractions in KL.The Putra line is also the line leading to Shah Alam where the Blue Mosque is and if you want to go as far Southwest,Port Klang.Seri Pacific is also walking distance away from Putra Bus Station.

I guess what people are complaining is about its proximity to Petronas Tower and the happening district of Bukit Bintang.Taxi is never a problem in KL (esp.if you are good at haggling) and it is about RM10 away from the famous twin towers.We went to Jalan Alor in Bukit Bintang during our 2nd night in KL and went back to the hotel past 12midnight where surcharge on taxi is already legal but it took us only RM15.not bad.
good morning KL!!!!
Breakfast for two is complimentary at Zende Restaurant.

The food is satisfactory and will talk about it on a separate post soon :)


Seri Pacific Kuala Lumpur is known for warm and friendly hospitality.We certainly felt that during our stay.The staff have been accommodating and always ready to help.It's the main reason why we were motivated to go back to Malaysia.

Seri pacific Kuala Lumpur definitely made our stay in the city more memorable and worthwhile. I had mixed feeling when we had to check out early the next day as we had to travel to Penang.Seri Pacific Htel definitely lived to our expectations.

My shout to Kuala Lumpur City Gallery and Arch Heritage Gifts and Collectibles for the making our stay possible and to Airphilexpress which served as our official carrier to Malaysia.

This post is part of my Malaysia2.0 Series:Feel free to read the rest of the entries here:

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