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CHAR KOAY TEOW at Red Garden Food Paradise Penang

"To visit Penang and not sample her gastronomic wonders is simply scandalous" --states one of the guidebooks I acquired through Tourism Malaysia.Penang is considered as one of Asia's Food Paradise.And we tried hard to sample as many food as we could in our less than 24-hour stay.

CHAR KOAY TEOW was one of the things we tried at Red Garden Food Paradise and Night Market along Leith Street.
Char Koay Teow  at Penang's RED GARDEN

"The ever fragrant,garlicky and rich Penang Char koay Teow holds a revered place in the hearts of foodies all over Malaysia.Around the world,you can find Char Koay Teow eateries bearing the title "Penang Char Koay Teow" in hoped of trying to woo in customers based on the promise of a morsel of Penang's street food.

The secret behind a plate of heavenly Char Koay Teow relies on the heat of the wok:the higher the heat,the tastier the koay teow.The flat rice noodles are fried in an iron cast wok over very high heat to be able to achieve a slightly charred and smoky aroma.Oil is added into the wok followed by a small amount of minced garlic and fresh prawns.


Noodles are added in,followed by a dash of seasoned soy sauce,bean sprouts,eggs and chives.The last ingredient is the cockles.Some outlets include crunchy bits of lard and slices of pork suasage in their Char Koay Teow,so look out for the halal sign before you order.With big prawns,each plate costs from RM7.0 to RM9.0"

It was my first encounter with Char Koay Teow so I have no reference as to how it compares to other areas.I instantly noticed the burned taste.I thought the cook overdid it only to learn later on that it's one of the characteristics of this dish,the smoky aroma.I like the flat noodles if I may add and the bits of shrimp and octopus in it.It's not spicy so this dish could easily appeal to the taste of almost any age.Char Koay Teow is indeed a must when you go to Penang.
Red Garden
No. 20, Leith Street, 10000 Penang, Malaysia.

My apologies if I already forgot the price of this specific food.All I can remember is that I paid a total of RM16.70 for the Hokkien Mee,Char Koay Teow,Cendol and Ice Kacang.Red Garden is the largest food paradise and night market in Penang.They are open 5:30pm-1:30am.

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