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Kapitan Keling Mosque GEORGETOWN PENANG

Walk around Georgetown Penang and it will only take minutes to realize how diverse the place is.It's a mix of different races,cultures,smell,taste and even colors.And when I say colors,I mean it in a literal way.Here,shops,houses,mosques are awash with pain of different hues.Catchy and warm but I reckon it could be tiring at times.When we came across Kapitan Keling Mosque therefore,I never realized that the color brown could be a standout.

I am at least referring to the domes painted in chocolate brown.

Kapitan Keling Mosque
 Kapitan Keling Mosque Penang

"The Kapitan Kling Mosque at Lebuh Pitt is considered the oldest mosque in Penang.It was build by the East India Company's troops when they arrived in Penang towards the end of the 18th Century.

As the population of Indian Muslim settlers grew,a larger and more prominent mosque was necessary.Cauder Mohuddeen,their headman (Kling Kapitan) at that time,applied for a land grant for the new mosque.Eighteen acres was obtained in 1801 and construction began immediately.

"After his death in 1834,the land ceased to be recognised as part of the original grant.Public roads and houses were built around the mosque,slowly reducing its area to only 8acres in 1903.

The present mosque was built in 1916 replacing the old building.The dome shaped minaret reflects Islamic architecture with Indian Influence" 
The Mosque is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC from 12noon to 6:00 pm and ENTRANCE FEE is free. Unfortunately,it was five minutes past six when we came here so we were not allowed inside anymore.They were generous enough to let me into the lobby but not in the prayer area so I only took photos from there and outside premises.

"The name "kapitan keling" is used to denote the headman or leader of the South Indian Muslim community. The term "keling" is derived from the ancient Hindu kingdom on the Coromandel coast of South India, and the local Hokkien community corrupts the word to derive "keling-na" for Indians in general, particularly those from South India (The North Indians are pooled together with another term, "banggali", though they are not necessarily from Bengal). The title "Kapitan" is a corruption of the English word "Captain", and is used to denote the leader of the community. Similarly, the leader of the Chinese community during that period is called a Kapitan China." ---SOURCE:

Don't miss Kapitan Keling Mosque if you visit Penang.It is situated on the corner of Lebuh Buckingham (Buckingham Street) and Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling (Pitt Street) Georgetown Malaysia.

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  1. ganda tlga ng mga structures nila nu

  2. Magandang color combination pala ang black, white at brown hehe...nice photos pa rin as usual :)

  3. Ganda naman... lalo na yung kulay nya.. simple pero maganda

  4. what a nice structure. i've always been fascinated with mosques but i have yet to visit one


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