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One of the 10 Greatest mansions in the World: CHEONG FATT TZE “Blue” MANSION

After eating at the Red Garden Penang,my wife and I went for a stroll.Walking from the ferry terminal to our accommodation in Love Lane made me realize how packed Georgetown is in terms of heritage buildings.A few meters away from Red Garden along Leith Street is one of the 10 Greatest mansions in the World---- CHEONG FATT TZE MANSION otherwise known as the Blue Mansion.
 Cheong Fatt Tze “Blue” Mansion_Penang

A quick look at the HISTORY of the Blue Mansion

"The most favoured home of Cheong Fatt Tse,a rags-to-riches Hakka entrepreneur,widely regarded then as one of the most historic personalities in the East.A Chinese Mandarin of the highest order,a Consul General of the Ching Government,a Special Trade Commissioner for South-east Asia and a director of China's first bank and first railway.Cheong's death in 1916 was acknowledged with flags flown half-mast by Dutch and British Colonial Governments of the region.

The Mansion depicts the paradigm Chinese Courtyard House.The entire complex incorporates 38 rooms,5 courtyards,7 staircases and 220 windows.It is unique for its eclictic combination of dramatic Art Nouveau stained glass windows,Venetian shutters,Gothic timberworks and Victorian cast ironworks together with gold-leafed timber lattice work and Chinese ceramic shard decorations in roofs,gables and verandas.All of these are crafted by imported artisans.The principles of 'feng shui' feature prominently in all aspects of the Mansion,ensuring harmony and success for the owner.The 5 shop houses opposite formed the original domestic annex for the Mansion. "

"The mansion was purchased from Cheong Fatt Tze's descendants in 1989 by a group of local Penang individuals in order to save the edifice from encroaching development and possible demolition."--wikipedia.

Restoration began in 1991 and completed in 1995.

The Blue Mansion has then been opened for public tours as well as for Homestay and Events.You can either reserve a room or the entire house for an event.A place this grand of course comes at a price ranging from RM420 to RM 800.8 Deluxe Doubles with King-sized Beds are available.

The place is a favorite subjects of many tv shows both in Malaysia and abroad.It is popular for weddings too!

Other than being named One of the 10 Greatest mansions in the World by Lonely Planet in 2011
CHEONG FATT TZE “Blue” MANSION was also recognized for the following:

- 2000 UNESCO 'Most Excellent' Heritage Conservation Award
- 1995 Malaysian National Architectural Award For Conservation
- ASEANTA 2004 Excellence Award; Best ASEAN Cultural Preservation Effort
- 'Best Tourist Attraction 2003' Merit Award - Malaysian Ministry of Culture, Arts &

Daily tours: 11:00am,1:30pm and 3:00pm sharp.Entrance fee: RM12/pax.

Tickets may be purchased at the door.Fully conducted tour in English,with guides specially trained in history,cultural heritage and architectural restoration.Private tours in other languages may also be arranged with sufficient numbers and subject to the availability of guides.

I am not sure if I regret not being able to get in as we had to leave as early as 11pm the next day but according to the announcement at the gate,PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOT PERMITTED within the house.

CHEONG FATT TZE “Blue” MANSION will definitely be among my priority visits when I go back to Penang.:)

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  1. no wonder why its called blue mansion I think it would be better painted red hahaha

  2. Obvious yung name nya... hehehe.. Blue kung Blue..:)
    Pero maganda siya..:)

  3. just went there last week (23rd June 2014)
    the time had been change to 11am 2pm & 330pm
    photography is allowed. in fact, you can stay there but not cheap.
    it was white but painted blue because he is dead
    it was once painted pink for the academy award winning movie "Indochine"
    load of history but very little written in the internet...


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