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PETRONAS TOWERS at night +KLCC +Bintang Walk +Jalan Alor

We were to meet our friends Mark Ryan and Sharits somewhere in Bukit Bintang over dinner by 8pm so we hurridly took the train to Marjid Jamek but instead of transferring to another line,I was tempted to show Merdeka Square to my wife.She really likes the place and she kept reminding me that I should have taken her there instead of Shah Alam's Blue Mosque.It was already noticeably dark when we were in the square and my dslr was battery drained but she managed to take a lot of profile photos via her iphone.I am not a fan of the iphone's photo ability but instagram did an amazing job enhancing the pics.

finally, a picture of me in Bintang Walk

We arrived at the hotel 8pm.We were running late on our appointment with our friends who were already at KLCC that time and I am sure we were to miss the water/light show in front of Petronas Towers which our Malaysian friend Fufu highly recommended.After a quick shower,we hurried for the taxi parked in front of Seri Pacific,and the damn drivers again didn't want to use the meter so we agreed to pay RM15 to Petronas Towers.

Took a few shots in front of the towers before getting inside KLCC where Ryan and Sharits were waiting for us at the food court.Teresa fell in love with the Petronas Towers as I did the first time I saw it.But I didn't see it up close at night before and it's really a spectacular view seeing it fully lighted.Lovely twin towers indeed.


Petronas Towers at night 


Mark Ryan and Sharits have already eaten dinner when we came.Almost starved Sharits to death coz we were late.He was not feeling well that time so they decided to go ahead with dinner.Thanks Sharits for again making time to meet us!Really appreciate it.
inside KLCC Mall
Sharits and Ryan paying getting toll tokens
We chatted at the food court for a while until we noticed that shops were already closing.I invited them to go to Jalan Alor instead for a quick meal.But our buddies were to go to work early the next day so they decided to just drop us somewhere in Bukit Bintang and we were on our own.We took a little walk and introduced the famous Bintang Walk to Teresa.For those who are not familiar with the place,Bukit Bintang is the "happening" street in KL-----the equivalent of Orchard Road in Sg.

The night wouldn't be complete until I take her to BINTANG WALK and then Jalan Alor.---both in Bukit Bintang.

at Bintang Walk
At Bukit Bintang


Jalan Alor Finally, to try some hawker food. Walang ginawa kundi kumain that day. Food  component of travel remember? :)

This is my revenge to the humiliating and sad food experience last time:

My wife ordered PRAWN MEE.She likes it hot and spicy.Noodles ang trip nya all throughout the trip and and I will show you more of the noodles soon :)

I on the other hand had difficultly placing my order.That is usually the case when I am starving or full, in this case,it was the latter.I ended up getting sweet and sour chicken which tastes like my mom's version.I actually thought my mom's sweet and sour is a little better. :)Please don't ask me about the prices coz I already forgot.But all I can say is that food at jalan Alor is cheap,just a few pesos difference to Philippine prices.
prawn mee
sweet and sour chicken 
 The juices are lime juice at RM2.50 and honey lemon at RM3.50

It was past 12midnight when we finished our meal at jalan Alor.Both of us were already very tired so we went straight to our hotel.I made sure I walked her a few blocks leading to the hotel where we stayed last time,Radius International, and from there took the cab for another RM15. That's when I realized that the cad driver from the hotel overcharged us because the return cab agreed on RM15 despite past midnight.You see, a 50% surgarge on taxi rates is legal in KL so that means the normal rate for the distance from Bukit Bintang to PWTC is only around RM10.

Had a very good night sleep at Seri Pacific,had a hearty breakfast early the next day and we were off to Penang.Penang Series coming up!!!!!

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