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the return to BATU CAVES

Parang BATMAN RETURNS lang ang peg.lols

I agreed to go back to Malaysia on the condition that we visit places I haven't been the first time I was there two months ago.My wife agreed.

Except that she has one request.To see Batu Caves.

It was easy to grant that wish since our Hotel,Seri Pacific is near the KTM Commuter Line which runs directly to the side gate of Batu Caves.It's only 5 stations away from Putra Station where we boarded for only RM2.Very convenient and cheap.This is again what we mean when we say that tourism means accessibility.
 the return to BATU CAVES


I remember the first time I was here,I took the LRT-line to Gomabak and from there,took the taxi for RM10.

We came earlier so there were not so many tourists yet.Well,at least not as crowded as during my 1st visit.I came to appreciate Batu Caves the 2nd time around as there was somebody else to share the joy,to talk about the place and to at least take a photo of me for Facebook profile picture.Travel is best shared indeed sometimes.

And I can't help but compare the two experience,while my wife was jumping here and there out of joy,I was more of appreciative of the place.

my profile pic of Batu Caves finally!!! :)

I think I didn't mention in my last post that I am kinda negative about the fact that they cemented the floor of the main cave.Discussed it with my wife and she said it's actually okay coz it's more tourist friendly.Talk about accessibility again.At any rate,there's the Dark Chambers nearby for those who want the natural cave setting.Comes with an entrance fee of course. :)
While the wow factor was no more for me the second time around,my wife really enjoyed the place.She keeps telling me it was one her favorite attraction all throughout the trip.

Here was my post in case you missed it last time:
my wife at Batu Caves Station

(went there twice,both by train.)
1. KELANA JAYA Line to Gombak Station
taxi to Batu Caves -RM10

2. SENTUL-PORT KLANG Line (KTM Commuter) to Batu Caves Station
and that's it.
(This is the easiest way to get to Batu Caves if your accommodation in KL 
is near any of the station in this line) 

By the way,be mindful of the monkeys.I didn't notice them interacting closely with people the first time but they were very cocky during our last visit.Carrying food would attract their attention.Next thing you know,they already snatched it from you.And if in case the food is inside your bag,they would try to grab the whole bag so be careful not to leave your things unattended or you might end up chasing em on the trees.I got busy taking pictures of some of them and I thought my wife was already pulling me to go,turns out it was a monkey grabbing my bag.hahaha.But don't worry,they are not dangerous,unless provoked :) 

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  1. cute ng mag nanay na unggoy buwis buhay dumede ung baby haha

  2. ang ganda, hehe..pati yung monkey ang cute, hehe


  3. one remarkable place din talaga ang Batu Caves pag pupunta ng Malaysia.. kelangan hindi siya mawawala sa itinerary.. :P

  4. hahhaah, medyo aggre nga daw basta may food ang mga unggoy. hihihih, cute nung last pic.


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