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I was randomly browsing the web a few weeks ago until I saw Reebok's website.Forgetting that I am 31,I fell in love with their colorful,bulky shoes.Since it's almost Christmas, I thought buying one as a gift-to-self would not be a bad idea.Unfortunately,the site I was looking at was Reebook USA,and there's no such thing as Reebok Philippines.I immediately looked into Reebok Korea.Unfortunately,they don't have the style I wanted.But I saw one alternative, the one pictured below.

I asked my student if she can purchase it for me.To be deducted from my monthly fee of course.She immediately bought it but said she will not make me pay for it as it is going to be her gift to me.I am a very lucky man!

But this shoes got me worried.The package left South Korea on November 5,2012.More than a week later, there was still no sign as to where the parcel was.I started to panick.I've had several bad experiences with the Philippine Postal Service in the past and reading tweets of disgruntled customers,of lost packages and of of outrageous customs taxes didn't help. I started tweeting people,even the commissioner of Philippine Customs Mr. Raffy Biazon who was very generous to reply.
HOW TO TRACK YOUR Express mail Service (EMS)?

1. Ask for the tracking # from the one who sent you the package.
2. I found this helpful website which will help you track-trace your package,EMS,DHL,Fedex,UPS,it's there! http://www.track-trace.com/
3. Once you are done with your own investigation. Call Philpost Main Office.
EMS Hotline: 02.854.358 
FOUND THIS on the facebook page of Express mail Service (which i don't know if Official,but is nonetheless helpful) : https://www.facebook.com/EXPRESSMAILSERVICEPHIL
4. Give them your tracking # and they will tell you where it is.

Found out that the package sent by my student arrived in Pasay on Nov. 8, -----3 days after it left Incheon.But it didn't reach my local post office in Binangonan Rizal until November 22,2012.Wonder what kept them too long. 14 long days. BETTER BE VIGILANT!


Blame it on this video.

Even before the shoes arrived,more so when she saw it,my wife didn't hold back in criticizing my choice of style.She keeps reminding me that I am no longer a teenager and such style will never fit me.I am sorry if for a while I thought I was Woo Young.I gave it a try and I have to admit,it looked weird on me.I am after all,not Woo Young.I actually felt more like Suzy for a while.hahaha.I guess this Reebok will eventually end up in the hands of my wife.Poor me!




But I am not going to give up that early.Not without a fight.Before letting my wife have it,I will give it a try.I am not letting go of the illusion.I won't let my "Classic Love" Moment evaporate just like that.You will see me with it sometime soon.


I will have my Woo Young Moments!lol



  1. Nice shoes! Even nicer kasi gift. :P

    We'll wait to see how it suits you when you've worn already before handing that pair to your wifey.

    Fat Voyage

  2. Ang ganda! Your supposed-to-be gift to yourself turned to be a gift from someone else na. I just bought myself a Christmas gift in the form of the Skechers Go Run. Adorable din ng color. :P

  3. ganda naman ng shoes mo pareng anton naalal ko bigla ung episode ng pepito manaloto sa mga shoes

  4. ganda ng shoessy :D

    Magpaparaffle ka ba ng ganyan in the near future? hehehe. nag-iilusyons langs

  5. nice shoes.. sana may generous friend din ako na magpapadala ng ganyan.. hahaha

  6. Mababagay sa'yp yan, basta tama lang pants-shoe pair. Gaya nung kay Woo Young, black pants and the blue shoe. hina-highlight ang isa't-isa... <--- feeling expert!!! hahahahaha :P

  7. I only paid 40 pesos sa post office lex.Gift kasi student ko so sa kanya pati parcel fee.hehe-- pero yung shoes is 70USD tas 13 USD ang parcel :)


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