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Intimate Moments with Ms. Gabby over INDIAN CHAI at Bliss Cafe Baguio

 "Without Inner Peace,Outer Peace is Impossible". --Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Gone are the days when I look for honesty in my acquaintances.Sincerity,yes,to a point of being true to what you say,but not necessarily to be completely honest of what you feel.What I am saying is,you don't have to open your heart to me to win my attention.I am actually okay with kindness,and fun company.To demand honesty,you should also be able to give it,and that's something I can't easily render anymore.

But I really do appreciate it when somebody comes along and opens his or her life to me without me asking it.Or,at least close,me not pushing it.Actually, I have high respect for people who are brave enough to expose themselves

Intimate Moments with Ms. Gabby at BLISS CAFE

BLISS CAFE is a business run on Buddhist and Ananda Marga Principles of ahimsa and compassion.

Bliss Cafe is an enclave for artists,spiritual seekers and health buffs and just plain folks too who want fresh vegetarian meals in a serene setting.


THE BLISS STORY started in Manila in 2002.

Jim was a stressed out corporate guy who had lived and worked in Asia since the 70's.Six xountries,six cultures.Shanti was a calm and serene vegetarian/yoga/meditative person since the 80's who worked with special children in Quezon City.They met at a Yoga Camp in Tagaytay where Shanti was the guest chef.

In 2003,Jim quit his corporate life....Shanti quit teaching and they moved to Baguio to start their life of 'Bliss'.Bliss was established in July 2004...and has run continuously since.Hotel Elizabeth is its third creative effort to find the right space and vibe (which we feel we have) and we hope it will be here for a very long time.

90% of Bliss Guests are not vegetarian...relax.The food is very eclictic and we are sure you'll be smiling as you head out the door.And if you are the rare honest to goodness 'Filipino Vegetarian' have found your refuge.

If you're really ENTHUSIASTIC...the best way to show it is to give us 'three hits' on our Balinese Gong.You'll see on our 'World Peace Stage' why Buddhists' always do it in three.Ask Jim....he'll tell you.

Bliss is about a lot of things beyond sentient food.It's meant to be about fellowship,social activism in a cafe environment and about art and music 'intertwined' with food to create a better and more compassionate world.

It's a cliche' that veggie restos around the world 'have an agenda'.Well,that's true perhaps, but if it's a positive agenda, ok lang.O di ba?

Breathe, smile.....Eat (your vegetables)...and your/our BLISS.

Namaste, Shanti and Jim.--Partners n Bliss.

Bliss cafe Hotel Elizabeth

My wife had to leave early to attend a birthday celebration so she went back to Manila ahead.I found myself feeling blank after returning from the bus terminal where I sent her off.I thought a cup of coffee would be good to light things up.I invited Ms Gabby of the hotel's Business Center.It was for me about 'enjoying a company' but it turned out to be one intimate talk over INDIAN CHAI.
 INDIAN CHAI @Bliss Cafe
Indian Chai costs 75php per cup

Must be the effect of Indian Chai which calms the senses. 

We found ourselves talking of her personal life and career plans.I came to admire the woman in front of me for being straightforward and for her mature take on life.Of course I am not going to go into the details but Ms Gabby had to go through so many things in life that it had taught her so many important lessons.Listening intently to her,I felt like a schoolboy learning from an adult.My only regret is that we didn't have longer time to share stories.I would have also revealed more of my heart.

Thank you very much Gabby for the time and for a rare chance of talking intimately to you.Dapat next time,over a full course meal na para mahaba-haba ang usapan.hahaha

Over Bliss Cafe's famous vegetable dishes next time???:)

BLISS CAFE is located at the Lobby 
of Hotel Elizabeth Baguio


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