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Pili Squares and other EMMA LACSON's Delicacies

The last heritage house we visited was a unique one.We were greeted by a woman probably in her late 40's posing in front of a white table with some delicacies on it.We were told to sample the food and I thought it would be a mere food tasting moment.But it was probably the best-ever food tasting experience I had.On the table, Pili Squares, fresh lumpia, empanada, paño-paño----the best pili squares I have tasted,the best fresh lumpia,and the empanada was great too!

The woman I was referring to was Nora Lacson.She enherits a proud family and the tradition of making some of the best delicacies in Silay (and probably the whole of Negros), EMMA LACSON's Delicacies at
 Pili Squares and other EMMA LACSON's Delicacies

Actually,it took a lot of will on my behalf to control myself from getting more food samples on the table.Did you notice how many times I made use of the word "best" in my narration above!?hehe

I would like to mention the lumpia first.Manamis-namis na diko mapaliwanag.Di nakakasawa.Sarap. The empanada,equally delectable.My taste buds couldn't distinguish exactly what the difference is with other empanadas except that I know that it's "special" or,can I say "super special" so as to emphasize that it really satisfied me? :)

Fresh Lumpia. the best!
empanada ---look at the intricate layers on the crust.
And the Pili Squares are not to be missed.Sweet but not overly sweet,I can eat this the whole day without getting sugar overload and the "umay" effect.what fascinates me is the thin crust which is crunchy and a little chewy at the same time.Anu ba sinabi ko.Malutong na makunat na diko mapaliwanang.And it stays that way even after a few days unrefrigerated.Yes,di ako maka-get over sa sarap so I bought one box which is worth 250pesos.

I realized later on that it's somewhat pricey,but if you come to think of it,Pili square this special is definitely worth 250php.after all,it's only in SOLEDAD AND MARIA MONTELIBANO LACSON ANCESTRAL HOUSE where you can buy it.The Lacson are so particular with maintaining the quality of their brand that the option of mass production is out of the table.I like that!

We were allowed access into their small kitchen and I saw a couple of old folks preparing the delicacies witj much care.Kaya naman pala masarap,alam mong me pagmamahal don sa mga gumagawa :)

 Pili Squares!!!

is located at Rizal St. Cor J.Pitong St. Silay City

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Thanks to Negros Bloggers,especially Ms. Maritel Riego Ledesma and Ms. Maricar Dabao for taking care of us and Merci Pasalubong Center for the tour and to Abs-Cbn RNG for the Choose Philippines shirt. Also to Enrico Dee of for helping organize this tour for Manila Bloggers.
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  1. Ang sarap naman.Gusto ko rin matikman..

  2. kamag anak namin yang mga lacson...pero syempre malayo na haha

  3. ang sasarap naman yan ok na ok na pasalubong yan ha

  4. bongga yung empanads, parang croissant lang ang peg ng dough

  5. Food looks really tasty esp the empanada :D
    Are those delicacies sold in a specific store in Silay?

  6. Pls...meron bang mabibilan sa manila ng emma lacson pili squares? natikman ko ang sarap talaga.. i'm sure yung iba masarap din pero di ko pa na try.

  7. Pls... may alam ba kayo mabibilan ng pili squares sa manila?? ang sarap talaga... the best. Yung iba hindi nko pa na try pero i'm sure masarap din.


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