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A Night of JOYFUL JAZZ over Breathtaking View at the Rooftop of Tivoli Garden Residences

The latest economic data came out yesterday,something to celebrate about.The Philippine economy grew 7.1% on the 3rd Quarter of 2012,the fastest in Southeast Asia and 2nd only to China.Part of that growth is attributed to the strong construction sector.

I remember attending a lecture from a broker manager a few months ago and he was bullish to say that the skyline of Metro Manila will completely change in 5 years time.Last Sunday,I was invited by Bernard Umali of DMCI Homes on one of their prime projects,Tivoli Gardens in Hulo Mandayong.The event was organized for the employees of DMCI and it was helt on the rooftop of the latest building to be completed in the Tivoli Gardens Complex.Known as The Observatory,the rooftop on the 40th floor of Iris Tower,allows a 360- degree view of Metro Manila.
 The OBSERVATORY_tivoli Gardens mandaluyong 
Breathtaking View at the Rooftop of Tivoli Garden Residences 


I was awed by the view and I was excited to take photos the moment we arrived at around 5:30pm.Makati and Manila Bay skyline on one side,Rockwell on another and Ortigas,Cubao and Eastwood on another.If the skyline of Metro Manila is to completely change in five years time,it has definitely begun.Being here gave me a sense of the speed at which progress is unfolding in the Philippines.The view is indeed convincing of this economic advance.

A little information about Tivoli Garden Residences---- 
Iris and Hibiscus Towers.

Tivoli Gardens in Hulo Mandayong

"The landscaped roof decks were conceptualized to provide added convenience as well as value to homeowners. These features are prominent in two of Tivoli Garden Residences towers slated for turnover next year – Iris and Hibiscus.

Occupying more than 1,000 sqm, aptly named the Observatory at the Iris Tower, this landscaped roof deck promenade with view decks and sitting areas is the perfect place to enjoy an evening out. Marvel at the brightly lit cityscapes of Makati, Mandaluyong, Manila and Ortigas with your loved ones while you gaze at the clear skies above."
Rooftop_Tivoli Gardens Hulo Mandaluyong
 walkable glass surface 

"Part of its unique features is the walkable glass surface that adds thrill to the leisure amenity. The viewing deck on the other hand, offers more relaxing views of the surrounding cityscape. A telescope for astronomical viewing will be also available to provide better vista of interesting sites."


And this is the view from The Observatory at night..... 

 The OBSERVATORY_tivoli Gardens mandaluyong
HELLO ORTIGAS, hello progress.....

Of course,the night was highlighted by the performance of TESS SALIENTES & Joyful Jazz.

Invited guests were friends of Ms. Salientes and of course her DMCI HOMES family where she worked before. It was also her way of saying thank you for the support as Joyful jazz turned 1 year.
Ms Tess Salientes on the Keyboard


Pianist/composer and former Boston resident MARITESS SALIENTES once again delights Manila’s musicaliy elite audience with her brand of joyful jazz. She leads a new acoustic ensemble called Joyful Jazz with seasoned musicians Roger Herrera, Jorge San Jose, and Jeannie Tiongco, where freshly styled Jazz Standards and Classics are performed with high-level virtuosity and musicality.

Trained in classical piano, TESS represented the Philippines at age 16 and won 2nd prize at the 1973 10th Yamaha International Grand Prix Concours. She graduated Magna cum Laude in Composition from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, briefly teaching at the school while leading a Jazz Fusion band. Business interests developed instead, and after 30 years abroad Tess became a real Balikbayan. She left the corporate world in 2010 to rekindle her musical roots and began composing prodigiously. Tess rekindled her passion for jazz piano last year and formed Quintessence, a dynamic new crossover band featured at the 2012 P.I.Jazzfest.


And it was indeed a pleasant experience.The weather was perfect,breezy at times and the food was good too.All enhanced the pleasure of listening to a kind a music whic according to Mr.Bernard Umali---"cultured".

"We don't listen to the likes of Salbakuta all the time" --he added.I certainly don't.Although loud music is a welcome thing for me from time to time,I don't really subscribe to the likes of heavy metal.It feels like my soul couldn't breath when I do.I have to admit though that Jazz is not something that I am a fan of as well.So yeah,it's refreshing to experience performances like this one.Consider it an introduction to Jazz music (Or is Sitti and her Bosa Nova a kind of Jazz?).


The kind of Jazz TESS SALIENTES and Joyful Jazz play is one that is not so mainstream.Bernard said the ones they played are covers but I was not familiar with 90% of what I heard that night.And it takes a certain level of familiarization before you subscribe to a particular sound if I may say so.Consider it my initiation therefore.

And who wouldn't fall in love to the Joyful Jazz versions this group tenders when it was a perfect clear night at the rooftop of Iris tower over good food and overflowing wine?I remember it was particularly breezy that night and after consuming a few bottles of San Mig Light and a sizeable amount of red wine,I was almost dancing with the early December breeze.Feel good moments.
Here's Their SCHEDULE of gigs for December

TESS December

Joyful Jazz is a type which plays to Manila's elite.They usually have gigs in high-end places in the Metro like that of Manila Hotel.Fitting to their kind of music-----intimate and classy.Peferct for the kind of crowd gathered at Tivoli Garden Residence.No less that the Big Bosses of DMCI homes and their family and friends gathered there that night.

PS: Thank you Bernard Umali for inviting me over :)

For bookings and inquiries contact Tess @ 0918 919 0491 or



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  2. Ang ganda ng mga shots mo, :))

  3. Fancy having a unit there. The view is enough of a reason. =D


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