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hear what KRIS AQUINO say about GLOBE

"It was in 1996 when I got a Globe.Napaka-'big deal' na,na nakakapag text ka.Globe has grown with the times,talagang may 'never ending effort' to continue improving and I've noticed mula nung nag upgrade ng system,hindi na napuputol ang calls namin.Yung parang nabubuo na yung 'I love you Mama'. Bongga ng Globe----clearer,better,faster.When Globe says something,they do it."

Those are not my words but of renowned TV Personality Kris Aquino speaking of her experience through time.Since 1996? Wow!

Kris Aquino on Globe
And you know Kris Aquino,when she speaks,people listen.Why?Because she speaks of nothing but what is really happening.And I give it to Globe for being very straightforward to their subscribers,specially about the massive system upgrade which has caused a few inconveniences here and there but as I always say,people have stayed because they know the company is rolling out something BIG for them.And now that the upgrade is nearing completion,people are excited and they are noticing the improvement.

This commercial hasn't hit the TV Networks yet and I am very glad to share it to you before it does.

" We  commit, we deliver. Rolling out a world class network"---Globe. Fit for the name diba? Cheers to that!



  1. best talaga si kris sa ads kahit anu pa man yna kaya dami nya commercial ee


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