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pusangkalye's NETIZENS' CHOICE AWARDS Best TV Station

NOTE: I am doing this for my good friend Mc of ---Alam mo yan Mc! :)

Did you know that I was sooooo much into "the network war" a few years ago?I have the tendency to be loyal at a particular brand and I am a true blue Kapamilya.I am not that fanatic anymore but still a Kapamilya at heart.I rarely watch tv this days and I usually frequent foreign news channels but when I do check local channels,it should be Channel 2.I have been trying to be fair with the other network but I can't help it-------imagine being away for a long time and when you come back home and open the dooor,you see familiar faces.This is the meaning of being at home,in contrast to the weird feeling you get when you open your door and what you see are strangers.Do you get what I mean? :)

That's why when a buddy blogger asked me for my Netizens Choice for best tv station,dipa ba obvious?

 NETIZENS'Choice Awards
pusangkalye's  NETIZENS' CHOICE AWARD Best TV Station

If the reason I mentioned above is not enough to validated my entry,here are more reasons why ABS-CBN Channel 2 is my personal choice.

1.Because I grew up in Pangasinan watching ABS-CBN 99.9% of the time.

2.Becausewith ABS-CBN ,artistas are TALENTS. They have skills. In the other station, most of the artistas are just Eye Candies---no more,no less.

3.Because as a grown up, I find the programs more atune to my sense of humor and to my way of thinking.What I am saying is,in soap operas for example, I find the lines in the programs  of the other station less intelligeable.It's as if,they are adjusted to the IQ and EQ level of elementary school students that I feel easily bored.The other stay is more suited to the "bakya" crowd and I am sorry to say that I am not part of that. Excuse me po! ;)

4.Reason #3 is for me very important coz I have to develop a certain degree of emotional connection to the programs I watch.

4.Which leads me back to "the-stranger-inside-your-house" argument.A few years ago,I was invited to watch SOP (The Sunday Party of GMA-7 equivalent to ASAP). As the stars came out of the stage one by one to perform,I kept asking the blogger next to me,"Who is he?","Who is she?".Unfortunately,he was asking the same questions.Okay lang sana kahit walang face recognition,but not only that,walang "WOW" factor.So you see,No Connection at ALL!

These are just few of the reasons why ABS-CBN Channel 2 for me is the best local TV Station.Please don't make me say more.Mahirap na.hahaha

On a personal note: At least now,I am more open to the idea of "Give-the-other-network-a-chance".Malay mo,the tides could always turn.But for now,that's my choice.

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  1. Medyo mas angat nga ang ABS in terms of telenovela and sunday shows. Magaling talaga mag-benta ABS no doubt. Pero in terms of news, public affairs and docu mas angat na angat naman ang GMA. That's just my opinion.

  2. I'm a certified Kapamilya as well. Nakaboto na ako jan sa Netizens choice award. Naka like sa akin yung PTVR fb page saka yung TV Network War nyehehehe!

  3. hahahaha... give the other network a chance panalo tong line na yun ha,

    agree ako sa lahat ng mga sinabi mo..

    Abs-cbn talent have own talent and wow factor.. alam na!!!

  4. well maganda naman kasi talaga ang kapamilya network ee
    at mas in sila,
    haha peo ako wala ko gusto
    kasi more on internet na talaga ko naun

  5. I like TV but watch different channels and have no favorite one. Kapamilya has some good shows and nice actors though:)

  6. jan tayo nagkasundo...Team kapamilya forever

  7. jan tayo magkakasundo, team kapamilya forever..(",)


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