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SI AGIMAT, SI ENTENG KABISOTE AT AKO Metro Manila Film Festival Movie

Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) has certainly come a long way since it started 37 years ago.Sure,I was not a fan at first and let's admit,there we a couple of dull years but I noticed that the quality of films has leveled up recently.Also,the diversity has been very responsive to the times.

I am thinking of bringing my wife,my sister-in-law and my niece to the cinemas comes December 25.Like last year,I have a few movies already in my list.Sisterakas is one that my wife would like to see.I think a good dose of laughter would be very good to highlight the season,my sister in law would like to watch One More Chance while my niece would surely love a special effects filled flick.With that in mind,I think  SI AGIMAT, SI ENTENG KABISOTE AT AKO will do the trick.

I used to have objections about these movies in seemingly indefinite sequence---Shake,Rattle and Roll and Roll is already on its 14 installment this year.And who knows, we will see Shake,Rattle and Roll 50, yang ganyan.But what can we do,like the MMFF itself, a movie date during Christmas break would seem incomplete without these film sequences.Good thing,with others,they put a little twist.With SI AGIMAT, SI ENTENG KABISOTE AT AKO ,you will see a combination of three different lead heroes wrapped into one.Three times the fun!




The story begins with the establishment of the three different worlds apart, bound to meet for an adventure like no other – the humble family-oriented story of ENTENG KABISOTE (VIC SOTTO), a low-profile technician married to the beautiful Fairy Princess of Encantasia, FAYE (GWEN ZAMORA); the battles of the AGIMAT (RAMON “BONG” REVILLA, JR.), the brave village Warrior Hero of Amuleto; and the high tech-yuppie Kingdom of Diwatara ruled by Princess ANGELINA KALINISAN-ORTEZA (JUDY ANN SANTOS), also known in the human world as “AKO,” where she leads an environmental advocacy organization.

From the initial instalment “Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote” in 2010, the friendship and partnership of Enteng and Agimat continues. From an ‘eligible bachelor’ Hero, Agimat now strives to apply all his learning from Enteng and Faye as he himself tries to start his own family with wife, also an Amuleto warrior, SAMARA (SAM PINTO). The fun levels up as Aiza brings Angelina and her comic modern Fairy sidekicks Pink Kapre CHE (John Lapus), Winged Horse SOL (Yassi Pressman) and Computer-wiz Dwarf CHICHAY (Ryzza Mae Dizon), into the lives of the Kabisote’s and the Amuleto couple.

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As the fun triples, so as the adventure and thrill as they are confronted with high-tech and primitive villains from somewhere totally out of their worlds: cannibal tribes of the Tokatoks and filthy alien monsters from other planet. Witness unparalleled battle stunts set in the Philippines’ never-before-seen destinations as Agimat, equipped with his one-of-a-kind swordsmanship, Enteng and his iconic comic fighting style and Princess Angelina, in her Mystical Bird alter ego wins the battle of good over evil.

BLOGGER's PRESSCON PHOTOS courtesy of my blog correspondent: Krizelle Marie Pari-An.

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  1. ang cute ng movie na to ehehe mukang nakakatawa,
    kasama pa si ryza mae dizon

  2. I will watch this,! hehe


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