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CASA PUNZALAN: 1st Heritage Hotel in Taal Batangas

Staying overnight in a heritage town?What about staying in a heritage hotel?That means an old house turned into a hotel,what about that!Taal Batangas has one and it's called CASA PUNZALAN HOTEL.

I am not sure if there is a 2nd or 3rd or more of them but they claim to be the 1st in town.And the location is strategic too.It's just across the street from the plaza and it could be seen from the church as it is facing the church itself.
CASA PUNZALAN: 1st Heritage Hotel in Taal Batangas

We were curious when we passed by so we asked our guide if we could peek inside and if interesting enough,might land a feature in one of our blogs.And I am doing so now.To be honest,I have never seen and never been to a heritage hotel so this one got me very curious.I thought there might be something fashionable or prestigious about staying in a heritage hotel but that thought evaporated when I saw the interior of this hotel.It's creepy!I mean,it might look good in photos but seeing it yourself could draw several emotions like melancholy and fear.It looks lonely here and imagining walking around during the night creeps me.

The rooms are plain,with antique beds ,white linens, and seemingly perfect for a Hollywood movie.I think there are only around 8 rooms available---all fan rooms.Price range is 1,000-2,000php depending on the size of the room.There are no restrooms inside each rooms so you have to use a shared toilet.One for men and one for women of course.Staff and receptionists stay downstairs so imagine if you are the only guest on a particular night.Creepy!Although,maybe it's just me.Some people are into that kind of adventure.And if you happen to be in Taal Batangas,you might want to consider CASA PUNZALAN HOTEL .Ghost hunters,anyone?Kidding!


Owe it to CASA PUNZALAN HOTEL for allowing us in.This review doesn't mean to discredit the hotel as it reflects my personal preference and my cowardness.But there are people who are into this kind of stuff.Go for it.CASA PUNZALAN HOTEL could be your "not-so-usual-accommodation".

Hey,it could be fun!

This post is part of my Taal Heritage Tour Series.
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More on this next time :)


  1. parang familiar ung hagdan na yan haha di ba yan ung sa feng shui?

  2. i just came from taal last week.napadaan din ako sa casa punzalan tapos sabi ng babae P600 daw bayad,medyo mahal pero maganda din naman kasi location tapat lang ng taal basilica at malapit sa palengke

  3. hello. pwede po makahingi ng contact number ng casa punzalan?

  4. Magandang pasyalan sa taal.


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