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TAAL BISTRO: expensive food,so so taste

Pricey food but so so taste.Even the ambiance is confused.I don't know what we were doing here honestly.I guess the guide was successful in luring us here.

We arrived in Taal Batangas late (at least some of us) because we were caught in heavy traffic somewhere in Batangas City so it's understandable that most of us were already starving even before the Church Tour started.Plus,it was oddly hot and humid that day.Weird for January weather.After our visit in Agoncillo Heritage House,our tour guide directed us to this restaurant ----- TAAL BISTRO.

TAAL BISTRO: expensive food,so so taste.

We ordered Tawilis which is a unique fish specie in Taal but they don't have it.My colleagues asked for another local delicacy but twas also not available.Should it have been my way,I might have walked out and looked somewhere else.My blogger buddies were generous.

I looked at the menu and the food are pricey.More so because the servings are small.We ended up in the usual stuff.

Adobong Manok (dilaw or toyo)

Tapang Taal --225php

Beef ampalaya--200php

Instant Coffee-25php

 Adobong Manok (dilaw or toyo)
 Beef ampalaya--200php

Among the dishes we tried,only Tapang Taal is worth mentioning.That's where we vented our frustration.
Although nothing really to be jumpy about and again, very small serving.Parang pang -isahan lang for 225 pesos.You can buy a kilo of it in the market for the same price.

Tapang Taal --225php


Probably the only consolation is that they have a spacious place.Perfect for group pics.And oh,at least,they have decent restrooms too where I washed my sticky face after a few hours of walking around town.


But if it food that you are looking for,you might find a better place somewhere else. Cheers!

This post is part of my Taal Heritage Tour Series.
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PS: Thanks Ramil of for masterminding this tour.


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