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HALA BIRA KALIBO! #Ati-Atihan 2013 photos + Winners

Does anybody know why Ati-Atihan and Sinulog are staged in the same date every year?Di parin ako maka get-over.My point is,it really is difficult to choose between the two.But since Atiatihan is the mother of all Festivals in honor of Santo Nino (infant Jesus).Sinulog of Cebu and Dinagyang of Iloilo are both inspired by this week long celebration in Kalibo Aklan characterized by tribal dancing on the streets accompanied by indigenous costumes and weapons.It originally was a pagan ritual until Spanish missionaries integrated religious meaning to it.

 #Atiatihan 2013

I have to admit I have long wanted to experience Ati-atihan since I first heard the drum and lyre music associated with it when I was in high school.And thanks to the proximity of Kalibo to Boracay (only 1.5hours away) I was lured here more.Finally had my chance to join the festivities this 2013 arriving in the Island of Panay via Airphilexpress  through Roxas City.Panay Island has four airports.Sagana!


This was my 2nd festival to date.Thanks to Masskara 2012 which sparked my love for festivals.I can't help therefore to make a few comparisons here and there.

The costumes in Ati-Atihan are grander if I may say but I was surprised that the beat of Masskara (although same all throughout) is more lively for me.I was a bit disappointed for not hearing the usual "ala-bira" type of drum beat I usually hear on tv.




Or perhaps because I didn't watch the actual competition.I was in Kalibo on Sunday,the last day of Ati-atihan and that was not competition day.In the morning,the different tribes in full costume dance and parade on the streets around plaza and the Catholic church of Kalibo and everybody is allowed to join and dance with them in the middle of the road.This is one of the best features of Ati-Atihan----it is a festival of the people and the experience is inclusive.Here,you are not just a spectator but part of the action.Lakas maka-partey partey!lol


Of course,at the end of the day,I had to remind myself that Masskara and Ati-atihan are two distinct festivals of different genre.And that's a good thing.Me kanya-kanya silang appeal.  


Tribal Big Category WINNERS

GRAND PRIZE: Black Beauty Boys (third straight year)P150,000
1st runner-up: Kabog (second in 2011 and 2012.) P80,000.
2nd Runner Up: Tribu Bukid Tigayon P50,000.


Pangawasan Tribe of Makato, Aklan;
Tribu Parola of Daja Norte, Banga, Aklan and
Maharlika of Dumga, Makato, Aklan.

Each of them received P10,000 as consolation prize.

Other tribes competing in the Tribal big category were Tribu Tiis-Tiis of New Buswang, Kalibo, Aklan and two other out-of-town entries - Lord Eagles of Dumga, Makato, Aklan and D' Kamanggahan Tribe of Poblacion, Makato, Aklan.

that's me
that's my buddy from Roxas City --Francis
Francis and his friends

I went to Kalibo with a buddy I met for the first time.He works and lives in Roxas City where I flew in from Manila.This was supposed to be my first solo travel but he spoiled it.Kidding!Thanks to him though,having my pic amidst the ati street dancers would have been impossible given the fact that I had with me my heavy travelling bag as I was to transit to Boracay that same afternoon.Such festive environment is best spent with a buddy around.Also met some of the bloggers who like me chose to be in Ati-atihan rather than Sinulog.


No Smoking and No drinking? Duh!
No holds bards in Ati-Atihan.

There were a lot of bloopers during the parade.Since people can join bthe ati's on the street and dance all you want,it was a bit difficult for me to take photos.Not because of the fast movement but because of people suddenly appearing in the frame.Kinda funny coz some of the street dancers carry with them cigarrettes,even bottled alcoholic drinks.Nakakatawa kasi maya-maya may susulpot na 'good morning towel' vendor or softdrinks/mineral water vendor sa gitna ng parada.Even saw one cutting through the parade with a cart full of deliveries of goods.Adik lang!

 and who says may election gun ban?lol

I remember one amazing blog entry about Ati-atihan 2013 from Anton Diaz of Read his blog post to gain a deeper understanding of this event.


Ati-Atihan is held every January and culminates on the third Sunday of the month.It's just one of the many reasons to visit Kalibo. flies to Kalibo 6x daily.Be sure not to miss it next year.Like me,I am sure you will have a blast.

"Celebrate the religious faith...the devotion to the Senor Sto. Nino de Kalibo." Viva kay Senor Sto. Nino ! Hala Bira Kalibo!



  1. Sir typo po sa Grand Prize, hindi po price sorry po OC lang hehe

  2. corrected na John.haha.OC nga much!Me free proofreading!ayos! haha

  3. ansaraps namang mamasyals sa ganyang festivity.

    sana by nek year, magkaseatsale na akong matagpuan.

  4. sarap makipag beso beso dyan haha
    well no wonder bakit isa sa pinaka sikat na festival yan
    saya ee

  5. I use nikon d3000 Jonathan--ang 55-200mm lens :)


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