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ROXAS CITY CAPIZ: set off point for a #Roxas-Kalibo-Boracay extended weekend

Bat naman kasi sabay ang Sinulog ng Cebu at Atiatihan ng Kalibo?Hirapa tuloy pumili.
But since I also wanna drop by Boracay---Kalibo Atiatihan it is!As a bonus,I could fly to Roxas City in Capiz which is 2hours South of Kalibo.I have never been to Capiz before so it made me really excited.

#Roxas-Kalibo-Boracay extended weekend for the win!

ROXAS CITY-Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral
the historic core of Roxas City Capiz

What's in Roxas?Nothing much but a 2D/1N stay in the city will surely be a busy one.Roxas City is the seafood capital of the Philippines,it has an old district where the City Hall,Provincial Hall, Catholic Cathedral,a plaza,and an old fountain is located.

These spaces resembling an old Spanish town are hard to come by these days with all the modernization going on.Being seated at one of the benches in this public space is a marvel.One new discovery after another came next.

Thanks mainly to Francis who is a local of Roxas City and a Security Screening Officer in Roxas Airport.I tweeted a few days prior to flying to Roxas City and he apparently saw my tweet.He said he could accompany me around Roxas City.Swerte.Di na kailangan ng sangkatutak na google sessions.hahaha.Also had another reason to be excited about flying to Roxas City.

 Francis, our Security Screening Guy from Roxas City :)


Flew in via which has daily flights to Roxas City.They have the cutest airport in the Philippines.Cute kasi ang liit lang for a city airport.hahaha. At least they have one.Big help. There are only two flights here everyday.If you miss both,you have to wait the next day pa.So bawal ang mga pasaway na katulad


I met Francis immediately upon touchdown.Waited for him a bit and he accompanied me at the City Center for morning meal.Francis and I had breakfast in an anonymous coffee shop near City Hall.It was one of the few places open so we had not much choice.He had to go back to work immediately so he left me downtown after finishing his meal.We agreed to meet for lunch at Baybay which is a seaside area famous for cheap seafood restaurant stalls.

I wasted no time looking around starting with the plaza(or should I say open space) fronting the church.I took photos of the Provincial Hall on the right and the church on the other side.The Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral dominates the old square.Saw a photos of Roxas City prior to flying there and this church used to be painted blue which I thought is more striking than the usual cream(pale) color it has today.Hope they paint it blue again.

 ROXAS CITY-Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral
Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral

INSIDE Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral

 The church is considered one of the oldest in the entire Panay Island.It's outside facade is somewhat imposing so I was surprised that it looks rather plain and simple inside.Yeah,there's not much to see inside.I saw a ladder leading to the interior balcony of the church and I was surprised that I was allowed to climb up despite the ongoing renovation.At least I saw another angle of the church and the downtown area below.

Roxas City from Church
I went back to the square.Walked past the old fountain serving as a rotunda leading the bridge constructed in 1910 which connects the old district to the other side of the river which is where most businesses are.Walking through the bridge,I realized that something is "romantic" about the place.Roxas City has two faces with the charm of an Old Spanish Town on the other side of the river and the vibrant city on the other.

Public Market

The other side is where I decided to go.On the left side past the bridge (along the river) is the public market.I was lead here primarily because my hotel is nearby and at the same time,I wanted to see something unique of Roxas City Capiz.I hoped it would manifest in their kakanin (rice cakes) but I was a bit disappointed to see the usual stuff one can find in other place.

DSC_4568 least I saw this one.It's made of rice flour caramelized in sugar to give this banana-q appeal except that inside is rice flour rather than banana.I asked the vendor what it is locally called,unfortunately,could't remember it anymore due to my short memory.My hunch is that it's bitso-bitso.
Also feasted on puto. I am a fan of puto and I could eat tons of it in one serving.Nothing beats one that is newly made.Mainit-init pa :)

Checked- in at SKY GARDEN HOTEL

I didn't book for any hotel prior to the trip since it not peak season yet.I wanted my trip to Roxas as spontaneous as possible.Collected a few flyers at the airport and made calls here and there.Sky Garden Hotel gave the best price.1,200php for an overnight stay.Looking at the photos,appealing naman.And it sure did meet my expectations.Will write a full review soon and link it here.

I love Sky Garden because they allowed me to check in at 9am.At least nasulit ko ang room ko coz I had to leave 6am the next day for Kalibo Ati-Atihan.
My appointment with Francis was not until 12noon so I napped for two hours first.Oh,that is after visiting the nearby Gaisano Mall where I saw sando shirts for only 100pesos each! Pahirapan kayang maghanap ng sando sa malls ngayon.I bought three!


Francis came at around 12:30pm.We took the tricycle and went straight to Baybay (seaside) where we had lunch over seafood.Time to test if Roxas City is deserving of the title Seafood Capital of the Philippines.

This is a running post.I will leave it here for a while as I have to do individual features on the places I went to and food I tried in Roxas City.

Just to give you an idea of what is coming up.

>>Sky Garden Hotel
>>Baybay Seafood Experience
>>Pan-ay Church
>>Spango Cafe
>>ACC Coffee and Crepe
>>Festa Restaurant

Oh, did I mention there's nothing much to do in Roxas City? I think I will be eating my words again.haha.Till the next update!



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