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make massage a habit at NuLIVING SPA Studio

One of the most popular posts on my blog this week is about a Spa brand with branches in Pasay and Antipolo.I published a few months ago but it has shown resurgence getting more than 2,000hits.This only shows that a lot of people are searching for places where they can relax after the busy holiday season.In short,a lot of people are stressed.

Sure, all the merrymaking,shopping,parties,drinking,staying out late, traveling in and out of town,even excessive eating affects our stress level.And now the reality that we need to go back to work.T's the perfect time for some self pampering and nothing beats a good massage.

I recently tried this newly opened Spa in Quezon City (along D.Tuazon) which I can easily recommend to anybody-----NU LIVING SPA Studio.

NuLivingSpa_Quezon City
 NU LIVING SPA Studio D. Tuazon

NuLiving Spa Studio recommends people to get massages regularly, as with exercise, since it has the greatest benefit when you receive it consistently.

People living in and around D.Tuazon as well as those who pass by the area regularly are lucky.On my way to NuLiving Spa Studio,I saw a couple of massage houses.That means people have a lot to choose from.But since I haven't tried the others,I can't really recommend them.Try at your risk.What I am sure of instead is that Nu Living Spa Studio is a good choice.
A regular massage service at Nu Living Spa ranges from 200-450php.This price range is what I call the "safe range" if you want a serious massage,lower than that and expect poor service.Look at the photos below and you will surely like the ambiance on the massage area.Rooms are spacious enough and intimately lit.Massage beds are soft and are the standard ones.This in contrast to other cheap massage salons where there is no face hole on their massage beds resulting in uncomfortable position all throughout the session.



It is no secret that I am a fan of massage and I have tried hilot,Indonesia,Thai,Shiatsu,Swedish and other types.This time around,I tried NU LIVING SIGNATURE MASSAGE which is a combination of Swedish,Shiatsu and Thai Massage.For 400php, you get to have this combination for 1.5hours.


Lazy Yoga Massage --Php200 /hr
Swedish Massage -- Php 250/hr
Shiatsu Massage -- Php 200/hr
Qi-Thai Massage --Php 300/hr
Nuliving Signature Massage -- Php 400/hr
Pinoy Hilot Ventosa --Php 450/1.5hrs
Hot Stone -- Php 450/1.5hrs

Nu Living Spa Studio COMPLETE LIST OF SERVICES and prices here:

There are 5 massage oils to choose from. To clams,relax and love, to de-stress, to be happy and refreshed, to revitalize and invigorate and to get those curves.Have your pick.
The female masseur assigned to me was amazing.I have met only a few like her with such power.I honestly thought at first that a combination of the three styles would not be a good idea but a little streatching here and there,the right pinch on the pressure points and the deep tissue strokes work wonders.I guess it's also good that they offer it for 1.5 hours.One hour could be too short while two hours would be a drag.I tried a two hour massage before and I felt as if I punished my masseur. 

Also, don't worry about your things, they have a basket where you can put them and keep under your massage bed.Towels are fresh and clean shorts are also provided for customers.
And what I like the most, they have a RATE CARD where you can give an instant feedback for the services you availed of. Impressed?Disappointed? They care about what you think and feel. Now that's customer service!
RATE CARD for instant feedback.

If you noticed,the name of the Spa including the word "studio".That's because other than Spa and Massage Services, it's also a Shop.The outlet has partnered with "It Works", a deep sleep line of products to compliment the services Nu Living offers. 

IT WORKS Deep Sleep Line

Due to the demands of the modern world, most individuals do not have the luxury of time. In fulfilling its vision of giving Total Wellness to every individual the natural way everyday, NuLiving Spa Studio went out of its way to develop ItWorks!, a line of products to complement its distinctively-crafted menu of services that fit different needs.

 ItWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Mist and ItWorks Deep Sleep Stress Less 

DEEP SLEEP LINE is your new, modern bed-side buddy. The formulation came from Europe, but is selling at Php300 only. Totally easy on the pocket! Lasting for approximately a month, each set consists of:

ItWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Mist 

---natural sleep aid that will fragrance your bed and calm the nerves. The miracle solution to a good night’s sleep. 
ItWorks Deep Sleep Stress Less  
---Deep sleep stress less pulse points roll-on is a soothing natural remedy to help you breathe more easily and calm your senses promoting a better night’s sleep. 
they also sell Slimming Oil :)



I was very satisfied.Nu Living Spa Studio makes it to my list of best Spa places within the price range of 200-450php.Actually, thinking about it makes me surprised every time, how can they have a place this good and still keep their current prices?Nu Living Spa Studio is newly opened but fully operational.Now is the best time to experience it!
Make sure to follow them on Facebook for the latest promos and deals:

D. Tuazon St., 1100 Quezon City (opposite  Saint Theresa's College)
+632 806 2705; +63 932 4714641


  1. wow spa! di ko kaya yan tatawa ako ng tatawa dyan hahah dame ko kiliti haha


  3. Kunjungan pertama nih, Terimakasih banyak atas beritanya.


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