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The PHILIPPINES MOVING FORWARD: A Channel News Asia Documentary

Thought of sharing to you one the videos which got me very excited at the start of 2013.It's an Asia Business Channel Production for Channel News Asia/Mediacorp.It speaks of the Philippines having a sound economic performance in the past decade and the big potential it has moving forward.

The Philippines is transitioning into an Asian Economic powerhouse and if we could sustain the course,we could be the 13th largest economy in the World by 2050 based on the projections of HSBC.I am a staunch believer of this.Read:METRO MANILA rising.

It is happening.Growth is here.Despite the global economic slowdown,the Philippine economy is roaring.

I took the liberty of quoting some of the interesting points made in the documentary.Read the facts,feel the optimism and join the bandwagon in believing that we Filipinos can take our rightful place in the global stage. 

The Philippines is experiencing a political and economic resurgence that when followed through will turn the nation into the global player that it aims to be.It is not just learning from the mistakes of the past,but also driving the present with good governance and business prudence.The world watches as the Philippines moves forward.----narration.

The PHILIPPINES Moving Forward --to 2013 and beyond!
"The bottomline is,the Philippines has had so much potential,still has so much potential and now the potential is being realize."---PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino.

"This is a narrow window of opportunity for our country where so many good things are happening,and I think it's a wonderful time to be looking at our country with fresh eyes.We now believe that our country is headed towards much more progress that we've seen in recent history.We now believe that our country can move forward.We now believe that we can fall in step with the rest of Asia as the area where prosperity will take place in the coming decade."-----Ramon del Rosario.CEO.PHILIPPINE INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT INC.

"The fundamentals are very strong,consumption is there,people are positive,investment,domestic investment is literally overflowing.What we can really be proud of is that we stayed in the course,President Aquino has sacrificed political capital to do the right thing.People are also slowly,but surely changing.People are saying let's do it right this time around."----Jose Rene Almendras.SECRETARY OF THE CABINET

"Why is that happening and why is that a good thing at this point in time? #1,we have this consumer lead growth that's quite unique to us.#2,our government is far more seious and more organized from a macro-economic point of view at this point in its history.We have the largest amount of foreign exchange ever in our history with 70B USD,that's unheard of in our country.That gives it a sense of stability and gives the currency its strenght that it hasn't had in the past.At the fiscal side, we are in a far more stable state than ever before.Our deficit as a % of GDP is far lower now than ever before.That gives our government the tools to pump our economy".---Jaime Zobel de Ayala


"I think the time has come for Filipinos and all people who love the Philippines everywhere to stop agonizing over its so called 'bad image'.When enough people take it as a matter of responsibility,loyalty,or even just a plain matter of love,to talk about the good things about the Philippines,we will balance out the picture.And the truth will emerge,the Philippines is as worthy the visit from any country" ---TOURISM SECRETARY Ramon Jimenez.


Producer/Director/Writer: Francisco "Kit" Reyes (Shutter Republic)
Director of Photography: Stefan Herbruger (Shutter Republic)
Post-Production: Underground Logic
Narrator: Trevor Jones Shot on location in The Philippines.


  1. way to go Philippines onti na lang mararamdaman na natin epekto nyan


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