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The 2012 installation was kinda delayed but it pushed through anyway.I am referring to MARKRYAN FESTIVAL,a practice which has been going on for a few years now.The term came from Bino of see,our friend who is working in KL Malaysia always go back to Philippines during Christmas season and we've been finding time to meet.This year was kinda delayed because he came later than usual so many of our buddies (mostly bloggers) were already somewhere else vacationing when we decided to meet for a drink.A few of us came.So the MarkRyan Festival lives on!

We gathered in Madison Square (Near Robinsons Pioneer) on the eve of December 29,2012.The place has always been the venue of our inuman.While we prefer the makeshift areas on the side over the bars,the ongoing expansion of Greenfield District means the area where we used to drink is now closed.It has been covered by a Condo Building which is about to open.We opted for the bar nearby therefore Kuago Grill where there is a live band.

There were only 6 of us.Small group but intimate.I actually told Ryan the meetup will push through even if there's only the 2 of us.I was in Taal earlier that day and dropped by Tagaytay to have bulalo for dinner and joined them at around 12midnight.Familiar faces includes Otep of and Lei of Two were new which includes Ryno of who I met once in the past.He came because he is part of our bbm group which includes Ryan.It was their first time to meet.

Ryno kept bbm-ing me about the bar where they settle ---Kuwago Bar --- and he keeps saying he is enjoying the live ban.They have started drinking when I arrived and they were obviously enjoying the live band.Ryno even went as far as introducing himself to the lead singer of Playback.The group has a new fan!
 Ryno and the vocalist of PLAYBACK--- Maye.
After a couple of bottles of beer,we transferred to the videoke room downstairs where we sang one song each before bidding each other goodbye.

 Ryno again had the last song ----Parting Time.Perfect.

 It was small yet intimate.I feel glad meeting Ryan again.The last time was in Kuala Lumpur in the 3rd quarter of 2012.It always is a good feeling reuniting with your buddies.And the MarkRyan Festival lives on! 

Till the 2013 edition guys!!Will miss you Mark Ryan! Stay safe in Kuala Lumpur! :)

here was last year's MARKRYAN FESTIVAL:
Nag overlap lang yung date pero for 2012 yan :)


  1. just curious na markryan but ang nick nia ay ryno?

  2. i missed the festival! damn the cough and fever. hayyy

  3. inggit much
    haha sana one of this day makasama ako sa blogger meet up

  4. ay ang saya... nakakamiss din yung mga ganitong eb.. hahahaha

  5. hindi--si MarkRyan and Ryno are two different people.hahaha @Khanto

  6. salamat Kuya Anton and to eberiwan! see you soon. daan naman kayo ng KL :)


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