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Old Manila Walks now offers a WALKING TOUR of CORREGIDOR

My skin still tanned,my leg muscles still aching a bit and my head still clinging to the creepy accounts of my colleagues during the Corregidor Walking Tour last Sunday.Most of all,my mind still stimulated by the informative and enlightening narration of Ivan Man Dy of Old Manila Walks.

For the longest time,the only tour available for tourists going to Corregidor is the bus tour provided by Sun Cruises which manages the island and all tours in it.Now,there's another alternative to it -----a Walking Tour---which gives tourists the chance to look on Corregidor in another perspective.I will soon be writing a separate entry accounting the experience in detail, for the meantime, know that Old Manila Walks now offers A WALKING TOUR OF CORREGIDOR.

This is an ' Intelligent Tour Experience' you shouldn't miss!
Old Manila Walks now offers a WALKING TOUR of CORREGIDOR


1.What is this tour and how is this different from the regular Sun Cruises bus tour?

'Of Bombs, Big Guns and Lost Gold: WWII Tales Declassified ' is the 6th installment in the Old Manila Walks historical tour series. This is a collaboration between Corregidor's main logistical and tour provider, Sun Cruises and Old Manila Walks- the city's leading historical/cultural tour outfit. Unlike the bus tour which takes you on a general overview of the whole island, this historical hike is essentially concentrated on the war memorial zone (aka the historic core) of the island and uses this setting as a backdrop in the discussion of the WWII theme of the walk.

This tour provides for a broader,more chronological, contextual, insightful and perhaps even critical understanding of WWII in the country through the use of creative visuals backed by a multi-disciplpinary approach to historical interpretation (e.g. combining military as well as social,cultural and architectural history).  

It's an exercise for both the body and for the mind.
For the visitor to Corregidor, this tour also provides for more personal flexibility (tour ends at 12:30 PM and boat leaves at 2:30 PM) to explore more of the island attractions and its various 'after-walk activities' that can be done at leisure.

2. How much is the tour?

Guided tour,
Ferry Transfers
and Island Entrance Fee.

Buffet Lunch at Corregidor inn is OPTIONAL(not inclusive) and maybe availed prior at P450.00/head. Plated lunch options available too.


3.What is the sample Tour Schedule?

0700 H - Registration at the Sun Cruises Terminal (CCP Complex at the back of the FOLK
0730 H - Ferry Boarding*
* Please come on time as late-commers will NOT be allowed to board once the passenger
manifest is submitted to the coast gaurd.
0800 H- Ferry ETD
0930 H - ETA Corregidor Island
0945 H - Start of Tour** 
1200 H - End of Tour
1215 H - Lunch and Socials
1400 H - Ferry Boarding
1430 H - ETD Corregidor
1600 H - ETA CCP Terminal

4.What to bring during the tour?

This is a tour heavy on the walking part.Wear comfortable shoes
and bring sun protection (payong, hats, water, sunblock, sunglasses etc.)

5. Is the Malinta Tunnel Walk included in walking tour package?

No, it is not. The Malinta Tunnel Walk (P150.00/head) is an 'after-walk' optional activity offered by Sun Cruises that you can avail immediately after lunch. It also includes zip-lining , kayaking, ATV-riding and swimming (rate's vary). These maybe booked prior or on the spot. It is recommended that the Malinta Tunnel Walk be booked prior due to guide availability.

6. When will tour be offered?
Starting February 2013 with initial runs every weekends (Sundays).

I will write my review on the tour soon and will update this post.Cheers!

Should you have more queries
 please email for details.


  1. nice tour sa isa sa pinaka hunted na place haha
    okay ang tips baka magamit ko someday thanks for sharing anton


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