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Rated gg and Sinigang na Corned Beef at SENTRO 1771 Greenbelt-3

I frequent Greenbelt for its coffee shops and fine restaurants.If it is about choices,Greenbelt is no doubt undisputed in fine dining.At the center of it is Sentro.And I mean that literally if you are in Greenbelt 3.

The name itself reflects Filipino identity.Sentro offers Modern Filipino Food and it makes me feel sooooo good every time I discover restos offering delicious Filipino dishes.If you have foreign friends who would like to experience the local cuisine,this is where you point them.And we Pinoys also deserve something good.Make sure you include Sentro in your list of must-try restaurants for Modern Filipino food.

My wife and I were supposed to be here for lunch but we came at around 2:30pm.Quite a late lunch but a perfect time coz most people were done with their lunch so there's no more feeling the hurry to finish as a courtesy to the next customer.We took our time and savored each dish served to us.
sinigang na corned beef
  Sinigang na Corned Beef at SENTRO 1771 Greenbelt-3

Earlier that day,I was telling my wife that I am not a fan of Filipino Food.Meaning,of course I do eat our own cuisine on a daily basis but if I am to compare it to other cuisines in Southeast Asia,it would be forgettable.The food at Sentro Greenbelt 3 made me eat my words.Modern Filipino Dishes---for the win!

So I had to modify my statement."I will not be a complete fan until such time when the Filipino Dishes I can buy on the street,on the sidewalk, could come close to the taste of those sold in expensive restaurants".I wonder when will that time come. :)

 SENTRO Greenbelt_3
 sentro_1771 Greenbelt

Fried Kesong Puti
"Organic  Native white cheese.coated with breadcrumbs and deep-fried until golden  brown."

Despite keeping a watchful eye on her weight,my wife would drag me to a Pizza Hut restaurant whenever we get near one.That's how much she loves their cheesy bites. Now,something is added to her favorites---Fried Kesong Puti! Served with sweet chili guava sauce and garlic dip.I loooove the dips!

fried kesong puti @Sentro
Sinigang na Corned Beef
Corned beef short ribs and boneless shanks in tamarind broth with native vegetables.

Were so used to the idea that if it is corned beef,it must be canned----or maybe it's just me.So I had to remind myself that I was in a fine dining restaurant.In Sinigang na Corned Beef,the meat is with the right tenderness and he broth is perfect asim.

Everybody loves Sinigang and we Filipinos have a lot of version of it-----Sinigang na hipon,Pork Sinigang,Sinigang na kangkong,sinigang na isda etcetera etcetera.------Sinigang na Corned Beef is something I haven't tried before.The most important component of it of course is the soup,the right intensity of sourness is relative to the person eating it.It's nice that in Sentro 1771,they will give you a sample of the broth and you decide if it's perfect for your taste or not.  

Solo: 310php
Sharing: 595php

sinigang na corned beef

Rated gg
"Galunggong fillets fried in garlic oil and topped with browned garlic."

We often consider Galunggong or Gigi as an economic barometer as it used to be cheap and very popular with the poor.Never tried fried galunggong this fashionable.Cooked in garlic oil,it has the perfect crispiness.
And though fried,you don't get the "umay" effect. Like any fried fish dish, salt plays an important role.I liked it that they used rock salt because intermittent with every bite is like hitting a perfect salty portion which makes this fried galunggong more delectable. No need for any sauce.I have to admit,I used to have prejudice over this fish meal.I am now a fan!Rated gg--------spell d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!

Solo -- 230php

rated gg @ Sentro

Fried Suman and Mangoes
"Rolled out suman fried to a light crisp and topped with ripe mangoes and served with sweet coco jam."

Being a country boy means growing up with suman and mangoes.And sweet coco jam?We call that katiba in Pangasinan.At Sentro 1771, I like what they did with the suman as it is fried to a light crisp.It would give a crunchy feel every time you hit on the corners adding to the pleasurable experience. The coco jam is a delight, same with the intensity of sweetness I grew up with.The mangoes are also a very important factor in enjoying the dessert.I comment Sentro 1771 for combining mangoes and coco jam into the dish.Plus the food presentation itself is mouth watering.

PRICE:  180php

fried suman and mangoes @sentro
fried_suman_sentro_1771 (4)

Coffee Bean Sans Rival
--"more exciting and upbeat than the regular San  Rival you see around town.You've got to order it to find out."

 This well loved Filipino dessert of crunchy meringue and cream has a lot of versions out there. COFFEE BEAN SAN RIVAL is distinct.Other that the lovely lovely presentation, I like the fact that there's more of the meringue component. And the coffee aroma would make you want more. I could munch this all day and wouldn't go tired of it.

coffee bean sans rival @sentro

Green legs (green mango and dalanghita) , US Lemonade for drinks.Green legs is another must-try!




Other than Super gg and Sinigang na Corned Beef, they have a lot of House Specialties to choose from.Magsawa ka. Look for the marks on the menu (chef's recommendation).
Sentro Roast Chicken,crispy pork ribs,catfish sentro style,tomato kesong puti salad.shrimp tops salad,would love to go back and try em all.

Modern Filipino Dishes?It must be Sentro!

PS: Thanks Sentro 1771 for inviting us over.

SENTRO 1771 is located at 2/F Greenbelt-3
For Reservations: 757-3941 and 756-0941 or 0917-866-0449
They also have a branch at Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
856- 0581.


  1. grabe torture naman to!
    dang sasarap!
    kayo na!

  2. I have the same feeling as you. I usually try to avoid Filipino Cuisine in restaurants since I can eat them at home. However, that was changed by the Sinigang na Corned beef. Sinigang na corned beef would always be the first thing that comes into mind when I pass by Sentro. :)

  3. Gusto ko ng galunggong and the sansrival

  4. Sinigang na Corned Beef looks interesting! Haha! Would love to give this a try soon :)


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