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TAAL PASALUBONG: Balisong + Longganisa and Tapang Taal from GERRY AND LHEEN

One should not leave Taal Batangas without pasalubong.There are lots that you can bring home with you.In our case, we dropped by a local Balisong Store and then off to GERRY AND LHEEN stall at the Public Market for Tapang Taal and Longganisa.

Tapang Taal from GERRY AND LHEEN


Balisong could either mean "knife" or "barrio" in Taal Batangas.The word literally means 'broken horn' from the words 'bali' (break) and 'sung' which means horn of the water buffalo.The knife was introduced by Perfecto de Leon in 1905 with most of the knife coming from barrio Balisong Taal Batangas.It was in the 1980's when local movies introduced the knife and it was then the the knife became popular as "Balisong".

In short,Balisong is a barrio in Taal Batangas where a lethal bladed weapons originate. 
We dropped by one of the stores famous for selling Balison ----Batangas Blades Store ---- and the owner was very eager to show us the many variety of Balisongs they have for sale.He probably knew we were just a bunch of young lads looking around eager to learn the history of the knife but that doesn't stop him from eagerly showing us his stuff and demonstrating the techniques on how to use it.Price of these precious knives range from 250php to 2,500php.Yes,there are bolo-type balisongs too!
Azrael sporting a bolo-type balisong.Ang laki!hahaha
Balisong Taal 
I am no fan of Balisong or any other weapon in that case but I got one as memento hoping it wouldn't cause me trouble in the future.What I had was rather a simple knife different from the conventional balisong.This one is very similar to the knife of Lucy in the movie Chronicles of Narnia.Cute!hahaha.  


GERRY and LHEEN Special Tapa ang Longganisa
Tapang Taal for the win!

Remember  TAAL BISTRO: expensive food,so so taste ??? I suggest you go to the public market instead and buy Tapang Taal there. 1 kg is worth 220php. Mukhang 1/4 lang yung sa Taal bistro with the same price. Logganisa is 240php per kilo.

Turns out that Dexter, the blogger for and
has roots in Taal and his family owns a stall in Taal Public Market.Look for it, stall #154 --GERRY AND LHEEN Special Tapa, Longganisa and Tocino.We went home with half a kilo of Tapang Taal from Gerry and Lheen.All 12 of us! Dexter's mom was all smiles wrapping the Tapa for us.Ako naman, so eager to go home and have it cooked!Naglalaway.hahaha
they have tocino ang chicharon too!
 Gerry and Lheen Special Tapang Taal
My father-in-law as well as the brothers and sisters of my wife were at home in Binangonan during that period and they were delighted to sample the famous tapa of Taal.Also bought a kilo of Longganisa from Gerry and Lheen for 240php.Everybody happy back home!


We took Tagaytay Route on our way back to Manila.Bulalo for dinner muna!What a way to conclude our day tour of the historic town of Taal Batangas.What a way to end 2012!

This post is part of my Taal Heritage Tour Series.
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  1. nice picture and nice article.. I shashare ko na ito ha ha ha.. Dexter po at hindi Dennis :)

  2. ganda nung hawak na balisong ni asrael parabg sword na

    anyway mukng fresh ang tinda dyan ah

  3. Nakakatakot yung mga balisong, pero ang gaganda, iba't ibang design, and yummy tapa and longganisa... can i have one? hehe


  4. the picture on top screams CANNIBALISM!!!! hahaha

  5. Just like to inform that prices are subject to change. medyo mahal po baboy ngayon kaya medyo mataas na price. Compare to the prices mentioned Above.


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