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BIGG's DINER: over-hyped and over-priced.

Me:We should not leave Bicol without trying Bigg's Diner.
Friend1:What's Bigg's?
Me: It's Bicol's Jollibee.

That was the easiest explanation I could give my friend and he didn't ask a second question afterward.I don't know if he knows exactly what I meant but I guess one way or another he did.

When we got to one of the branches in "Old Albay" District of Legaspi somewhere near the city hall,the creative display on the wall says "We''re good food,not fast food". In my face!hahaha.So I felt compelled to explain to my friends again.Actually,what I wanted to say is that "you are never in Bicol unless you try Bigg's",there! It is Bicol's biggest food chain.

Or,should I have just stick to my former explanation?

Bigg's Diner _Legazpi 
Bigg's Diner Old Albay Legazpi City

Did you know? Bigg's Diner opened 30 years ago.Ka-edad ko.But since I have never been to Bicol in the past,ngayon ko lang na experience.And this is the strange part,when you get inside one of their restos,you would get this feeling that a guy who loves collecting 'vintage' objects started this food chain,wrong.Three enterprising ladies who love french fries opened the first store in Naga.They even called it Mang Donald's at first.Rings a bell?The restaurant eventually evolved to adapt the diner motif serving the usual western favorites like burgers and hot dogs.
Bigg's Diner Legaspi
from their website,it says:

"What set's Carl's Diner (former name before it finally named Bigg's in 1994)  from other restaurant is it's ability to serve quality food in large portions in a casual dining environment while maintaining affordable prices that could easily rival fast-food chains".

Is that true?Magkaka-alaman.:)Orders immediately placed!    

Baby Back Ribs ---225php.

 Looks really good with the plating.Taste good too.But is there anything "wow" with it?NO.
My friend actually thinks the meat is not tender enough.This order is good enough,filling enough,but at 225pesos---- it's overpriced!

Ito yung tipong,lasang pang 180php lang.if so, napa-wow pa sana kami. :)
Daing na Bangus w/ Pinangat  --- 122php

Nice set if I may say.Fried fish with vegetable.Good combination especially because it's 'pinangat' which is similar to 'laing'.Small serving for 122php,I find it a bit pricey again.
Bicol Special --- 135php

It's pork chop with vegetables (Bicol Special).My friends were surprised because they were expecting chicken.Blame the menu coz it looks like chicken in the picture so they though it's fried chicken bicol special flavor.I can imagine them thinking it's a special spicy chicken.The vegetable is good but the pork chop tastes like the one you can order in a sizzling restaurant in mall food courts.Again,it's okay but for 135php,it's overpriced.Walang drinks ang mga meal ha.
Extreme Supreme Burger--- 142php

This was my order and I was happy with it.Tasty burger with bacon,lettuce,tomato and cheese.Still,for 142php,quite pricey.To think it's not even angus beef. :)

We dined February 11,2013 at around 1pm.We were not starved but hungry and you know,it's the perfect time to eat.I mean,when you are starved,everything else is delicious ayt,if you are hungry,you can discriminate food more.My friends are non-bloggers so they don't usually analyze food the way I do.But I made them comment on every bite so the views I have here are not just mine.

We all agreed that food at Bigg's Diner is good but a little pricey.I guess that's a good strategy though,to increase prices a bit so that it will not be affordable to all and so the restaurant will not be flooded with people and cooks will not have to mass produce at the expense of quality.At 1pm,the restaurant's ground floor was not even half-filled with people.At the 2nd floor,there was a small group and that's all.To think it's lunch time.At least,given the good ambiance,you don't feel crowded and you get to eat slower to enjoy your meal.

Pricey but still worth the experience.If you are in Bicol,I would still suggest you give Bigg's Diner a try.You are not in Bicol unless you try Bigg's----that still holds. But for the restaurant chain to claim they......  "serve quality food in large portions in a casual dining environment while maintaining affordable prices" ---they might want to think that over. :)

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  1. I am a pure blooded Bicolana and I do agree with your review. Foods are kinda expensive. I am not a fan of their tastes too. I like Naga Garden Restaurant better.

    Great shots by the way.

  2. so that was in bicol? i didnt know about bigg's=bicol...we have bigg's here in batangas city(SM)...i dined in once and never get back since then. the ribs that we order are not tender. its like chewing a buble and the burgers they served wer not that special...i agree with u, its pricey tlaga! i myself can prepare better burgers at home...seriously... :-)

  3. mukang worth the price naman ee
    anyways like ko yang retro design nila ahh

  4. hahahaha. ikaw na. d ko kaya yang ganyang comments. lol

  5. hahahaha. ikaw na. d ko kaya yang ganyang comments. lol


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