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Authentic BICOL EXPRESS at sidewalk stalls along QUEZON Ave.Legazpi City

 It rained on our 2nd day in Legazpi.I know right---the ATV,zipline over at Lignon Hill and the grand view of Mayon Volcano.Also had trouble withdrawing money from by bank (BPI) so most of the afternoon was spent lazying around hoping it would shine the next day.

We thought of walking around the city before dusk.Past streets filled with locals.Is it not yet tourist season in Legazpi City on February?I hardly saw foreigners.What's happening?Did we come early or Legazpi is simply losing the battle to lure tourists?Or maybe my impression of the place is wrong?
sidewalk stalls along QUEZON Ave.Legazpi City

We went to the public market market coz I was craving gor rice cakes.There was no rice cake.Just like in any other places,they are sold mostly in the morning.Just tried my luck.We bought pasalubong instead---pili nuts and more pili nuts.Saw a lot of fruits instead.
We went back to Quezon Avenue where there are many makeshift stores selling food.Street food anyone?

As I said before,a local cuisine will not earn my respect until it is widely sold on the sidewalk (and not just in fine dining restaurants) and still get the satisfaction in taste.Legazpi City certainly earned that recognition.

We were too eager to try the "original" Bicol Express.I was confused at first because the Bicol Express I am familiar with as sold in Manila is mostly meat and white due to coconut milk.In Legazpi,there's barely meat and it's mostly green and full of 'sili'.One of our friends (Marvin) who has relatives in Bicol said that that's the authentic Bicol Express.

The food here is really good.Parang lutong bahay lang and so far,di naman sumakit ang tyan namin.I like this kind of side walk stalls.I remember Jalan Alor of KL.Also,we were talking about how cheap it is.One order of bicol express is only 20pesos while pinangat is 15pesos.For only 50pesos,you already have a meal---me drinks pa.My friends therefore couldn't help but remark that it is way better than eating at Bigg's Diner.Hahaha.Di maka-get over sa pricey meals ng Bigg's Diner na so so lang ang

When you are downtown Legazpi City,try the side walk stalls over at Quezon Avenue.There are so many food to choose from.
they were not fighting---me pinag-uusapan lang.lols

We went back to Embarcadero de Legazpi and after a while,had a couple of beer at Gerry's Grill over at the ground floor.All set for a half day adventure the next morning to salvage whatever it is we could salvage before returning to Manila after lunch.

Cagsawa ruins and ATV ride coming on my next post!tata! 

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  1. nagutom naman ako
    favorite ko pa naman
    kahit anong me gata!

  2. Wow, bicol express and pinangat; those two are my fave! Sorooppppp! =)


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