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CALAGUAS CHRONICLES: from "Survivor" to Temptation Island mode

The moment we stepped on the mainland and found mobile signal, I shouted in my FB status:" title nko s upcoming Calaguas blog post ko --- Calaguas:Shit this place! ---yang ganyan.So glad nakauwi ng buhay.hahaha".

Teng wrote: ".
"Hi Antonio Magno Carranza Jr, "I hope you reconsider the title of your blog kasi it will bring negative perception from the readers. As you said the place is wonderful and the experience is fun. The place and its people deserve a good push. Just my opinion and suggestion :)"

Shit naman talaga: Shit sa hirap pumunta pero Shit din sa Ganda.Sasadyain mo talaga at paghihirapan.And I guess that makes it sweeter.Yun nga lang,like what we did,mag-aala-SURVIVOR ka talaga.
 from "Survivor" to Temptation Island mode


It's never over till it's over.The sun was bright the next day,and so we thought the waves would be less turbulent.For sure they were not as big as the day before.That's with the side facing Mahabang Buhangin.Nasa kabila naman pala ang alon this time.But we already felt used to it so it was quite manageable this time.It took us only 3hours back so that was quite an improvement.

The scary part this time came as we approached the opening of the river to Vinzons.A couple of kilometers before its mouth,we noticed the big waves swelling and turning into surf.Nervous moments ----and it started to rain again(Sinu ba me balat samin?).Imagine the waves coming from behind this time.Two fishing boats the same size with our ride joined us.All thre (including ours) were meters away from each other and approaching the river opening in a formation as if we were set for a military attack or something.From blue,the water was noticeably brownish which means the energy of the big waves from the open sea is already pushing against the shallower sea floor.

The sight of the two other boat were a welcome relief at first.That until we noticed the waves are swelling in a regular,big intervals but big enough in such a way that the boat in front of us would appear almost submerged except wooden sticks above it.In succession,we would fall lower and the boat ahead of us would look a few meters higher than us.One of the boats made a turn and went around while the other braved the breakwater.Our driver on the other hand (being indecisive) was obviously nervous.His assistant,kuya Jovy,told him to steadily stir the boat and it will be okay.As if possessed by a spirit,our boatman suddenly turned the boat 45degrees right.Adik lang!

I saw a big wave coming from the open sea about to hit us.Good thing Kuya Jovy (the assistant was again quick to jump from one side of the boat to the other side where the big waves is approaching and stood on the side floater (katig).If not for the quick decision,we would have been topped sidewards.All of us were mad.The three of us boys shouted "kuya!anung ginagawa mo! (What are you doing!).He said,we will be caught by the surf.But what's with the poor timing? We successfully made the turn after a couple more waves.We went around farther left of the river's opening where the surf are relatively smaller.  
The boat driver decided that we disembark in the sandbar as they guide the boat along the shallow coast and into the river.All of us were more than willing to get out of the boat.Again,we have never been as relieved we were on solid ground.Some of us insisted we bring our bags with some of our important possessions.This at around 1pm.The vast sandbar looked like a desert and we we felt like we were in the middle of nowhere with our big baggage.That's when it set in,from "survivor" mode,we were like in a movie "temptation island".Imagine those glam guys and gals in the middle of the dessert?,ganun ang pakiramdam,less the glam.hahaha



Laftrip na naman ang nangyari.We were laughing like crazy while we made our way to the village nearby,ang init tas me bitbit na malalaking bags.Crazy!

The experience served as icing in the cake.The "sugal buhay" experience completed and us feeling immortal.My friends told me "Ton,next na gala natin wag munang island".

They were traumatized!lol




  1. ahaha adventure kung adventure ang peg nu
    at temptation island pa nga hahaha
    well kala ko nung una nglinis kayo sa shore haha


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