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sneaked into SAN ANTONIO RESORT Roxas City

This is where I initially wanted to's close to the airport and Baybay,the seafood restaurant district of Roxas City and the resort setting attracted me at first.But since I came as a solo traveler,I find their rooms a bit pricey especially that most of the time will be spent exploring the new place.They have rooms worth 800php,I think to cater to backpackers, but they were fully booked that time.SAN ANTONIO RESORT Roxas City was slashed out of my options.

But that didn't stop my curiosity.I really wanted to see the resort.We dropped by for a quick peek which turned out to be some sort of sneaking in to a private property.hahahaha

San_Antonio_Resort_roxas City 


After hgaving lunch in Baybay and before heading to Pan-ay Church,we thought of dropping by and check the place.We were surprised that there was nobody at the entrance to check guests,no guard,no attendant so we came in feeling we sneaked in a private property.Perhaps because there was an event reception that day that the guards (if the have any) did not go strict on who's coming in and coming out.


Since I didn't check in,I could give a review of their accommodations.I would like to speak good of the place though,especially the pool area where they have an infinity pool with the view of a big pond on the background.I find San Antonio Resort Roxas City unique in this sense.The pool is the right size to compliment the space and accommodate a big event.The pond is actually big enough to be mistaken as a small lake and adorning its banks are coconut trees to complete the tropical feel of a resort.Around the pool are multi-purpose halls for wedding reception and events.
They also have a mini-playground for kids outside. No problem with parking too.


An infinity pool with a large pond to complete the infinity effect-----brilliant concept.I would love to stay here next time when I am not on a solo travel.San Antonio Resort Roxas City is perfect for family or barkada trips.

I think they do offer day tour too and a free use of the pool which comes with the fee.Do check their website for updates:

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