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Churros and Special Buko Pie at SPANGGO CAFE & Pasalubong Center

We instructed Manong tricycle driver to take us back to Roxas City and drop us at the Heritage House of Manuel Roxas.Yes,the city is named after the last president of the Philippine Commonwealth,Manuel Roxas.

Unfortunately,the house was closed that time.Francis and I decided to take a walk instead back to the city's old center when we noticed a small but chickly designed Cafe ---- SPANGGO Cafe and Pasalubong Center.

Francis said it is new but is making a name in the city so we checked it out.

 Churros at SPANGGO CAFE & Pasalubong Center

 Their Special Buko Pie is not to be missed.At 35pesos per piece,it's one of the best buko pie I tried.Lots of soft buko meat in it.Drowned it with chilled San Mig Light.Yum!

We also tried their special Apple Pie.Special coz it costs 50pesos per piece.Take note,it's a small circular piece in contrast to the slice of buko pie.Really is special if I may say.Very sweet and bursting with flavor.I love it.Francis on the other hand like it except for the cinnamon flavor.He doesn't like cinnamon.Hope they can offer another variation without the cinnamon flavor.Just my thought.


2slices Buko Pie --90php
1 Premium Apple Pie--50php
2 San Mig Light --70php
1 chorrus ---90php

We were also told that they are offering something new---CHURROS. Looks like pretzel to me based on the poster but the waiter said it's more of a doughnut than a pretzel. It's Spansih doughnut after all.Ordered one for 90php, 6pcs of it.The churros itself tastes plain but it's the chocolate dip that makes it special.We were already full that time so we didn't finish all six of em.Could make for a good meryenda though---that is,if you haven't eaten anything prior to it.Very heavy on the stomach.




 SPANGGO Cafe Roxas City 
Spanggo is indeed making its own name in Roxas City.They have only one branch to date plus one stall at Roxas Airport but you can notice that a lot of people do drop by mostly to buy and take out for pasalubong,and when they do,they do in bulk.

Make sure you don't miss it when you go to Roxas City.I highly suggest you try their buko pie and apple pie.Of course they have other pasalubong items in the store that you can check out.And I was told they are also famous on frozen meat products.Oh,their restaurant,though a bit small is chick and comfy. 

SPANGGO is located in Rizal Street Roxas City.

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  2. trip ko ung apple pie!!! nakakatakams!!!

  3. sarap naman nyan lalo na ung buko pie


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