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come Home to AZALEA RESIDENCES Baguio

Since I mostly go on out-of-town weekend trips,I usually stay in hotels on an overnight basis.I do enjoy it,but to think of it, I don't really get to deeply connect with the place.

During Panagbenga 2013,I decided to extend my usual weekend trip in Baguio so I got to stay for 3D/2N at Azalea Residences.I love this hotel. And since I stayed longer this time,I got to appreciate it more.I could finally say I was finally able to stay and connect with the place.Watching the Panagbenga parade and touring around Baguio to experience good food and beautiful places and going back to Azalea at the end of the day is like coming back home.
 AZALEA_Residences Baguio 
come Home to AZALEA RESIDENCES Baguio
If Azalea was good the last time I was here,it has gotten better.Just like wine,the longger it takes,the better it becomes.It is fresher,literally.The elevator smells fresher,the hallways seem to be well polished and the rooms smell really good too.The lobby,which welcomes guests has a certain glow that I can't explain.It's polished.Perhaps like a new space for example where you have just recently moved to,it takes time to get polished.

The restaurant is also worth the mention.On the surface,one can easily notice some modifications.The artwork on the walls,I thought I didn't notice them before.They are a good addition.And the menu has gotten even better.And the food even tastier.



I was with three other bloggers from Manila.
Azrael -

We stayed in a family room which is 2-bedroom suite with a kitchen and living area with a wonderful sofa which extends as a bed.The place is similar to a 2-bedroom condo unit complete with all the necessities including a stove,a fridge and cooking materials.The dining area served as the workstation of my colleague who immediately connect to their social media accounts the moment they get into our suite.

All four of us easily found our favorite spots with Raffy and Enzo staying at the master's bedroom,me in the other room and Azrael in the Sofa.The suite is equipped with three flat screen tv's (1 in each room and 1 in the living room) so everybody happy.This is comfy living very similar to the comfort of your own home ---sometimes even better.



TRADISYON: Pinoy Comfort Food

The restaurant deserves commendation.Located at the ground floor,it has all the elements of a cozy dining space.The designs on the walls are a new addition to the place (I guess,because I didn't notice em before) and they are an indicationof how the place has improved through time.The menu has got even better.I find the food tasty and consistent.I like it that they have adopted a set of selection that is focused on Filipino dishes,thus,calling it Tradisyon:Filipino comfort food.I like their selection for breakfast with the omnipresent (in hotels at least) danggit in the list.It was here where I noticed that Baguio longganisa is different from the longganisa of other provinces around Benguet,although a little inferior to the longganisa of Ilocos and of course Alaminos (which I think is the best) I think it still is delicious compared to the ordinary longganisas you can find in Metro Manila and other areas.Another notable dish during our stay was the Mongolian Vegetables.Not exactly Filipino but a welcome addition to the hearty selection.

The waiters are well trained and you can tell that they put service at heart.My last meal at Tradisyon was another pleasant dining experience.I love the freshness of the place.Good food,good interior,good outside view + good company.What more can you ask for.

Azalea Residences was the official residences of 9 bloggers who went to Baguio for Panagbenga 2013 as well as the Baguio-Benguet Appreciation Tour spearheaded by Benguet Bloggers under the watch of Vincent of other 5 bloggers were

...All Cebu Bloggers.

Panagbenga 2013 float
MNL x Cebu x Cordillera Bloggers

This post marks the start of my Panagbenga 2013 Series. MNL x Cebu x Cordillera Bloggers ftw!

Looking for  Baguio Hotels?Azalea Residences is a good choice.It is located just across the Northern Gate of Teacher's Village.A contemporary hotel with a very homey feel.Staying at Azalea Residences feels like coming home :)

Manila Reservations: +632.579.4890 / +632.579.4894
Baguio Reservations: +6374.424.8710 /


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  2. ang sosyal naman at ang ganda ng room nu!
    trip ko ung design nung kitchen suggest ko sa bro ko
    para sa dito sa house haha

  3. Hi thanks for this blog...will be going on mon can you suggest itinerary for a two day vacation? Just my 2nd time in baguio:-). Thanks. Will also stay at azalea


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