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DARAGA CHURCH: a testament of Albaynon's strong faith

In an attempt to cover more attractions in the area.We rented a tricycle for 100pesos to directly take us to Daraga Church immediately after our ATV Adventure.The tricycle dropped us along the main road leading to the church as it is too steep for tricycles to reach.

From the main road,you have to walk a few meters uphill to get to the church.It is situated in the highest section of the town.Understandably because this is where the faithfuls of Cagsawa Church transferred after the explosion of Mayon in 1814.It is therefore a testament of  Albaynon's strong faith.


This church was apparently destroyed (although not completely) during World War 2 as it was made into headquarters of the Japanese army.Renovation took place in 1971-1973.We stayed for only a few minutes to take shots of the facade and appreciate the Baroque Architecture of the church.I heard that it was constructed by Filipino workers during the Spanish era so I was really amazed at the details of its architecture.
 DARAGA_Church Albay

Since on a hill,one can also have a good view of Mayon from here.Unfortunately, (again) Mayon was covered that day so we didn't get to have that dramatic church of the church and the volcano.Still is a beautiful sight to marvel at.It would have also been nice if we were to peek inside,sadly,it was closed that time.

1. take the jeepney from downtown Legazpi to Daraga Albay.Look for signage's  Camalig, Guinobatan, Ligao, Libon, Polangui or Oas.Ask the driver to drop you at the public market of Daraga.Behind the public market, there is a road leading uphill to Daraga Church.

2. Alternatively,you can rent a tricycle for 150pesos up. Try to haggle.


From here,we contacted a tricyle to take us back to Embarkadero de Legazpi where our accommodation was.We initially haggled for 150pesos and we were happy coz it took us only 20minutes to get to our destination.The tricycle driver was clever to take us through inner roads so as not to get caught in slow moving traffic in the main roads.
Unluckily,the tricyle driver asked for additional payment when we got to Legazpi saying he originally thought there were only three of us instead of five.He wanted us to pay 250pesos instead.I scolded him and told him he is abusive.I told my friends to give him 200pesos.He asked for another fifty pesos.He stopped when I told him (in an authoritative voice) "that's enough!".I don give tips and I voluntarilly add payment to those who are not abusive.I love helping those who give sincere service.This trycycle driver was abusive and it annoyed me so much.

We hurried to our rooms,quickly packed and headed to the airport........ 

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