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GINA GIL-LACUNA: The Queen of Jigsaw Puzzles, a true inspiration

Dressed in ordinary skirt and long sleeves,she would blend in the crowd as one of those women in her early 60's enjoying her retirement.

But she's no ordinary lady.You will easily notice her presence coz other than her high-pitched voice, she exudes of pride and an energy level equal that of a lady in her prime.

In an exclusive interview with bloggers,we got know more of The Jigsaw Puzzle Queen.
GINA GIL-LACUNA---- the Guinness World Record holder for the Largest Collection of Jigsaw Puzzles.

Guiness_World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle Collection
 GINA GIL-LACUNA w/ blogger Florencio Jusay

GINA GIL-LACUNA Guiness World Record Holder for the Largest Puzzle Collection


This 61-year old Filipina officially backed the title Guinness World Record Holder for the Largest Collection of Jigsaw Puzzles in any Size, Shape or Form
on November 29, 2012.

Her love for puzzles started 27 years ago with a puzzle she bought in Hongkong and her collection grew to 1028 since then.She has recently completed LAS HILANDERAS, based on the painting of Velazquez.At 214x 157cm and 10,000 pieces,it would qualify for the hardest puzzle in the world. That ups the count to 1029.The former world record holder was from Brazil with only over 500 collection.

Applying for Guinness World Record

Making it to the Guinness World Record was not really her motivation to collect puzzles but for the love of it.She recalls,it's just one day when they were surfing the web that they came accross the post regarding the record holder that time who has far lesser collection than her.That's when they decided to go for the title.

Applying for the Guinness World Record title is no joke.With no guarantee and no refund,Guinnes would ask you to pay 1,500 pounds.Outright.On top of that,she had to pay for the plane ticket of the representatives from London and their hotel accommodation in Tagaytay for almost a week.All in all,the Lacuna family had to dish out more than a million pesos to validate her title.All from their own pocket.

A RETIRED Businesswoman

The family can afford it no doubt but 1.5M pesos is no joke.Gina Gil-Lacuna is a retired businesswoman.Her's family's garment business supplies major shopping malls like SM and Robinsons.She is a picture of a true success story to think that she was just a high school graduate.


"I was happy for my family and my country."
She has 1,029 pieces on display at the Puzzle Museum plus many puzzles under her bed waiting to be put together.
 GINA GIL-LACUNA with husband
GINA GIL-LACUNA with her husband

from years of Puzzle Making

"What I discovered is that I have the patience and that patience expanded into perseverance.I don't pressure myself,nirerelax ko sarili ko".

" I think ang isang pinakamatinding sakit ng matanda is boredom.Making puzzle removes a lot of negative feelings.I also get educated as I do puzzles anddeveloped my patience on every angle of my life".

 "I encourage elders,the one's who are retired like me,to do puzzles".
bloggers with GINA GIL-LACUNA, yours truly (extreme right)


GINA GIL-LACUNA is currently working on the biggest puzzle in the world.A Pop Art 6 plywoods big. That 8x24 feet!Wow!Target completion date is July 31,2013.This is no easy feat coz we are talking of a 32,000-piece puzzle.

She could also vie for the the title of fastest puzzle maker in the world and the most  number of pieces put up by a single person.


Soon,they are thinking of being the sole manufacturer of puzzles in the Philippines so that our great art pieces and beautiful places would also be immortalized in a puzzle.Wouldn't that be great!

A loving mother,a businesswoman,a Filipina.She hold the Guinness World Record for the Largest Collection of Jigsaw Puzzle in the World.Her success story in family,career and hobby is truly an inspiration to us all.

THE PUZZLE MUSEUM is located in
Brgy.Asisan Tagaytay City


  1. WOW! Magandang libangan yan para mga oldies na wala na masyadong ginagawa. But seriously, ganyan ba ka mahal mag apply sa Guinness?

  2. wow ako wala kong tyaga sa ganyan!
    haha madali ako mabored sa maga bagay bagay

  3. Her patience is admirable. But thanks to her, I have an idea now on how to keep my mom's mind sharp.

  4. Jigsaw puzzles make great gifts, as they combine fun with education. They can entertain during the winter months and bring families together. Finally, they can be mounted and hung, making a nice decoration.

  5. The former world record holder was from Brazil with only over 500 collection.
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