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the #Not so GOOD TASTE Restaurant Baguio

Be careful how you name your brand.It could be a good asset but it could also backfire.It seems like a brilliant idea to call your food stall ---GOOD TASTE RESTAURANT but make sure it really tastes good or else suffer the backlash from customers.

We were here during Panagbenga2013 and B3X,the Baguio-Benguet Appreciation Tour to sample if they really have Good Taste.

Steamed Chicken GOOD TASTE Restaurant Baguio

MOVE OVER SM Foodcourt!

Of course we had to make reservation prior to going here.Once I saw how crowded the place was (of course its Panagbenga) I thought I already have an intro to writing about it (move over SM Foodcourt! Yang ganyan.) Their new location covers two storeys of a new building.Spacious?Yeah.But not big enough to accommodate the flood of diners.That meant we had to wait for almost an hour to have our orders served.Again,it's Panagbenga so bawal magreklamo.But it is a fact that we were starved.And so I was expecting that a good tasting food would taste super delicious at this state.Nah!I was kinda disappointed that it tastes usual.Yeah,good enough but nothing to wow for.


(3)Garlic Buttered chicken (half)---480php
(2)Steamed Chicken (half) --- 280php
(2)Beef Chopsuey ---250php
(1)Shanghai Lumpia --150php
(2)Sinigang na Tilapia ---260php
(13)White rice --234php
(13)Iced tea --1,989php

I noticed that they have big servings though.And here's the good part.It's relatively cheap.So I guess that's where the secret is,maybe it's not so good taste after all but if you are to compare it to the size of serving and the amount,mapapa-good taste ka nga!

I hope I am not painting a very bad picture here.I guess I heard a lot of good things about the place so I expected a little.The food is not bad at all okay? It's just that there's nothing very special about em.There.Or maybe I have already said that.For emphasis lang.

And one meal that is worth mention is the Steamed Chicken.I really enjoyed this one esp. the spices which comes with it.Buttered chicken is also okay :)

Maybe it's worth another try during normal days when their cooks don't have to mass produce and work faster so as to accommodate bulk orders.Good Taste Restaurant? Not so good taste but a value for your pocket.I will still give it a passing grade.Cheers!

Anak ng Putanesca &Talong Parmigiana at OH MY GULAY Session Road

This post is part of my B3X Series.
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GOOD TASTE RESTAURANT is located at 8-9 Lapu-Lapu St.
Baguio, Benguet, Philippines
Phone Number
(+63 74) 444-2201


  1. haha mukang ok naman ee, maganda kasi pagkakakuha mo kaya mukang masarap

  2. i think thats why they calld it good taste-- its good. unless they called it VERY GOOD(BETTER) or BEST TASTE, dun ka magreklamo.

    good is like average-- so average. and very affordable
    and the menu is not for you-tourist but for all. especially the kuripot students and lasenggeros. just to point out.

  3. i'd say-- i like all the food here. comparing sa other restaurants, half the food in the menu hindi ko makain.

    this one is as they say, "swak sa budget" (lalo na
    pagkagaling mo sa bar na lasing....
    if i'd visit baguio again, dito ako kakain..

    san ka pa nakakita ng naka-pitcher na soup?

  4. Not all are masarap pero compare with other resto, mahal na konti pa ng servings. I love the buttered chicken.

  5. Good Taste has always been among the most popular restaurants here in Baguio City and I rarely hear anyone say they didn't enjoy their Good Taste experience. Kudos however, to the honesty of your writing and I hope this inspires the owners to improve the quality of their food and service as well


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