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my failed ALIWAN FIESTA 2013 coverage + List of Winners

"Anton,what is Aliwan?" one blogger asked. "It is the convergence of all major festivals in the Philippines on a single festival" I said as if reading from a script.I remember watching Aliwan way back 2003 and I haven't repeated it since.Back then I wasn't convinced.But Aliwan survived the years and 2013 marked it's 11th year.The idea is simple, not everybody has the time and resources to go to each festivals so why not bring them together in a single festival where they compete for the title "Champion of Champions".Brilliant!

And Aliwan hasn't just survived,it has flourished and it continues to go grander and grander.That's the reason why I was raving about it on Facebook and twitter and even told the Manila bloggers I was with during our Panagbenga Tour that we shouldn't miss it this year.


And we didn't.We were there.2:30pm sharp, as we heard 2pm is the start.But we were at the wrong place.Instead of going straight to Quirino Grandstand where the parade (and performance) starts, we waited in CCP area hoping the streetdancing would reach the area before it gets dark.We waited and waited and waited ----in vain.Actually, my blogger friend had to leave for 5pm event coverage na and no sight of the contingents at all.

I waited alone until I realized it was about to get too dark to even capture a decent photo.I walked towards the direction of Luneta Park with the hope that I could still salvage a few shots.Aparently met the 1st contingent somewhere near American Embassy but it was already a little dark.Forget "magic hour", forget dramatic pictures, forget candid shots.
ALIWAN 2013 LIST OF WINNERS is a list of Winners for Aliwan 2013.Congratiolations to Iloilo Dinagyang for bagging the title in two consecutive years.I guess I'll just catch the event in Iloilo in 2014.After all, still, nothing beats the original experience.

Dinagyang Festival – Iloilo City

Kalivungan Festival – Midsayap, North Cotabato

Meguyaya Festival – Upi, Maguindanao

Padang-Padang Festival – Parang, Maguindanao

Adivay Festival – Benguet


Pandang Gitab Festival – Oriental Mindoro
Pasaka Festival – Tanauan, Leyte

Sagayan Festival – Buluan, Maguindanao
Ang Tipulo Festival – Antipolo City

Mango Festival – Zambales


Best in Music: Dinagyang Festival

Best in Costume: Dinagyang Festival
Best in Folkloric Interpretation: Adivay Festival of Benguet

I was fuming.Mad at the organizers for starting late, mad at myself for not being at Quirino Grandstand instead.My excitement for Aliwan dissipated  Although I know it was my fault, I also blamed the organizers for starting late, on twitter and Fb, I ranted ---- "this event is very social media unfriendly".

EDITED PART: I take the blame for the lack of research. For emphasis :)

As for Aliwan, it failed me this year.I also failed myself coz I though I was ready to fall in love with it again.Another try next year? I will think about it.



  1. Where did you get the info that the parrade starts at 2pm? Ever since it started it has always been at 4pm. Or 330pm at the earliest.

    The roxas boulevard stretch is 3kms long. Do the .math. Do youbreally think the danvers would reach ccp in broad daylight after the 3km streetdancing?

    I have been flooding the aliwan fiesta fb group as well as my perosonal fb timeline with updates. Im sure nakikoya mo yun.

    I have been covering aliwan for the last 8 years. I have seen festivals come and go. I have seen how some evolved drom a mere "nobody" now turned into powerhouse performers.

    For the last 8 years. I just go to the assembly area at lunch time. Anjan na sila maaga pa.

    You just need to blame the organizers because of you did not go get to shoot at the golden hour.

    I sugggest you try to check the fesrival schedule before going to an event.

    Rather than go unpreparsd then bash rhe organizers because its already.

  2. Correction. It its iloilo dinagyang's 4th consecutive title. 5th overall

  3. ang ingrande naman talaga o! colorful at pinanghandaan

  4. @Eric---nasabihan ga rin ako ng isang blogger na kulang ako sa research and I admit that. Don't worry, I was also mad at myself for this.I am not saying I am putting all the blame to organizers.Don't worry. hehe

  5. di man lang tayo nagkita dito.. hahahaha


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