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The BAYLEAF INTRAMUROS: Amazing view, Unbeatable Dining Experience

What makes a hotel a cut from the rest?That is a hard question. Minsan kasi pare-pareho na. That was also the first thing I asked myself when we tried The BAYLEAF INTRAMUROS. 
Fortunately, it's easy to answer.

No other hotel is situated inside the walled city of Intramuros, that in itself is something.

2.Amazing View
None among any of the hotels I experienced has a SKY DECK VIEW BAR with a view of Metro Manila skyline this nice.Read on.

3.Unbeatable Dining
Great food  + a perfect cityscape view (day in and day out) compliments to an unbeatable dining experience.That, without hurting your pocket.
the lobby of The Bayleaf Intramuros


April 25 marks our 3rd year as a married couple. My wife was out of town on the 25th while I was at work so we didn't get to celebrate. Our stay at The Bayleaf Intramuros therefore has a personal significance. This is where we celebrated our wedding anniversary and at the same time our 13th year and 3 months of togetherness as a couple. Cheesy :)


The lobby is worth the mention.It certainly is one defining factor for the hotel. Bayleaf is "laurel" in the local language and the emblem is a distinct marketing icon.Branding palang panalo na.

The lobby is spacious,modern, and stylish with soft lighting for a more classy feel.I like it that they put plenty of comfortable chairs for waiting guests.

#1 on Tripadvisor

I think Metro Manila  Boutique Hotels are really nailing it.If you can remember last time, I wrote about The Cocoon Boutique Hotel which is the #1 in Quezon City on Tripavisor. Tripadvisor of course is the world's largest travel website.The Bayleaf Intramuros on the other hand is the #1 Hotel in Manila.Again, both are small hotels yet chick and efficient.Positive customer feedback is an indication of how these boutique hotels are giving five star accommodations in Metro Manila a run for their money.

Planning a special event. Their function rooms can provide you with grand venues for your every occasion.


We came at around 3pm.A little late for the standard 2pm check-in.The hot summer sun made commuting around Manila a "sweaty" experience. All I wanted was a relaxing shower.I really appreciate it therefore that check in was fast and we were in our room in no time.

At the 5th floor, I noticed the shift in color motif. From the dim and classy effect of the hotel lobby to the funky and colorful corridors.I thought it was too much of a contrast at first.It would have been better if they used darker hues to match with the classy appeal of the lobby area.Anyhow,you get used to it. At least, the hues are not monotonous.


Colorful Rooms

So that explains why the hallways have to be colorful, coz the rooms are also.......hmmmm.......bright. Rooms feature different color motifs.We stayed in an orange room and the funny part was, my wife was wearing orange and I was wearing red. I was joking at her coz she looked as if she was part of the bed accent. She immediately changed her clothes. lols

We stayed in a deluxe room facing Intramuros golf course on the Manila City Hall side.Good window view, check! Contemporary-designed ,modern furnishing and a lot of mirror space for a small room. I like the wood accent above the bed headboard. Linens are clean and good-smelling and the queen size bed, soft and comfortable. Sleep quality, check!

Noticed that the rooms are already showing signs of ageing evident on the scratches on the wooden floor.I guess the hotel is behind its repair/maintainance coz it's always fully booked.

Also, the room is a bit small so you feel crowded at times. I thought the restroom is too big so it took away a lot of the bedroom space. But hey, if you can get a room this good  for approximately 3,500php (clue: you can even get it as low as 3,100php in Agoda at this peak season) how, can you even afford to complain?

Read on and you will find out that a 3,500php room accommodation w/ breakfast for two and a unique dining setting could be the best 3,500php you'll ever spend!

we felt so color coded with our room so we changed clothes

We refreshed and rested a bit.I then invited my wife to the rooftop where the Sky Deck is. I wanted us to see sunset from there .....
Amazing View of Metro Manila Skyline

You wouldn't think of the Philippines as third world country if you are to see it from this angle.The Bayleaf Intramuros is surrounded by government buildings, meaning, there are no high rise to interrupt the view.You can get a 360 degree view of Metro Manila's skyline from the Sky Deck of the hotel.The high rise buildings along Manila Bay to Makati to Ortigas to Cubao, who says the Philippines is not progressive? Not from this angle.

Even Manila City Hall never looked this good.


Manila City hall and Metro manila skyline from the Sky Deck of 
The Bayleaf Intramuros

Did you know? CNN's feature "Eye on the Philippines" was shot from the Sky Deck of the Bayleaf Intramuros? Watch here >>>>>

That's when I said to myself, "wow, nice angle". Dito pala yun!
this view of Manila City Hall bell tower from the Sky Deck 

Transportation to and from The Bayleaf
Transportation to and from the hotel is not a problem. It's only 45 minutes away from NAIA.For locals who are coming in without cars, simply ask the assistance of the front desk and they will get a taxi for you. NO extra charges. Just make sure you don't try to get the taxi on your own as it might be a bit of a challenge, remember you are inside Intramuros.


We then decided to take a walk inside Intramuros.

I was here many years ago.I remember there was a DOT event that time and I thought its nice that they have events here to add excitement to this lifeless place.Admittedly,walking around, seeing the old, colonial structures inside Intramuros is still a unique and interesting experience.
Intramuros continues to host events in some of its high end restaurants and even venues but the is somewhat limited to the elite of Philippine society.

The entry of Bayleaf in the area means there is another alternative for a more affordable venue and a bigger space for larger groups.Bayleaf is perfect for events coz being inside the walled city would mean there is still exclusivity for said events but less elitist.Of course high end clients are still welcome.I am sure Bayleaf doesn't discriminate clients but at least it is more affordable this time.

Hopefully, the hotel's presence could also reinvigorate activity in the walled city.


It was already dark when we got back at the hotel......
Time to get ready for a romantic dinner.

Dining at the Bayleaf Intramuros

If you are going to ask me about what gives the Bayleaf Intramuros a cut from the rest, it is the Dining component.They have three restaurants---9 Spoons, Sky Deck, and Cioccolata Churros Cafe.
This hotel has only 57 rooms but three (3) restaurants? They sure are serious about F&B. We have tried two of these restaurants and I am convinced that the F&B of the hotel is one of their best asset.

Makati-side view at night
couches for a more comfortable drinking session

An open air dinner in Metro Manila can't get more intimate than that at the Sky Deck View Bar of the Bayleaf Intramuros. The uninterrupted view of the city skyline and Manila Bay gets even more appealing at night.I never thought nightscape in the Metro could get this lovely and .......... romantic. :)

I can't wait to write a separate entry detailing what we tried that night. I will link it here as soon I have it posted. I thought they have a very simple menu but food is really great. We had Quesong Puti Fonde for appetizer, Bagnet Binagoongan and Callos Manileno for the main course and Chocolate Wall for dessert. A meal perfect for a very important night.My wife was very happy.
Bagnet Binagoongan and Callos Manileno ---yum!
The_Chocolate_wall @TheBayleaf
The Chocolate Wall at The View Deck Restaurant

We also ordered beer after dinner and had one of those "intimate conversations".We stayed until almost midnight and talked about love and life ---our memories and plans for the future. The beer, the mellow music at the SKY DECK VIEW BAR  and the moonlight all conspired for another very memorable night.

PS: Dinner was not part of the room accommodation. :)

We went back to our room and had a restful sleep.Woke up late the next day.Sinulit talaga namin yung pahinga.
celebrating under the moonlight


To wake up with this view is reassuring. There is a bright future for the Philippines.I remember one Korean student saying she sent her kids to Beijing instead of Manila.I asked why. She said kids should "see progress"so as to recognize that it is happening and that they have to put it in their head that they have to keep up with the changes.If she were my student until now, I would show her this picture and tell her that progress is evident in the Philippines.

For proof of progress or simply for the sheer beauty of Metro Manila's skyline, this sure is a welcome morning view.

And I also love the sight of a newspaper waiting at my hotel room door in the morning....

Breakfast Buffet at 9 SPOONS Restaurant

Room accommodation at The Bayleaf Manila comes with breakfast for two at 9 Spoons Restaurant located at the 8th floor immediately below the Sky Deck.

I like it that there's a lot in the food spread. Di mo mararamdaman yung gaya sa ibang hotel na para kang tinitipid sa food.And the food is tasty. Plus, you still get the amazing view of  Metro Manila. Mas mapapa-sarap ka ng kain.

breakfast buffet at 9 SPOONS The Bayleaf Intramuros

breakfast at 9 Spoons ---Manila City Hall on the background

The Bayleaf Intramuros' location allows for an amazing view of Metro Manila skyline, add two awesome restaurants and great food and you get an ultimate dining experience.That on top of quality rooms and good customer service.Naubusan nako ng superlatives.I love this hotel!

Sounds like an oversell? Nah! Imagine all these for less than $100 on a deluxe room accommodation.Who says life has to be expensive to be sweet?

The Bayleaf Intramuros 
Muralla corner Victoria Streets, Intramuros, 
1002 Manila, Philippines
Phone Number: +63 (02) 318 5000 loc. 7415


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