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GOLDEN TEMPLE VILLA Siem Reap: Small hotel with a BIG Statement

It was another 6 hours ride from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, supposedly, but it took ud only 5 hours because we took the van instead which I think is more efficient especially given the poor road condition between two cities.

It was the same scenario from HCMC, we left the capital 3pm so we were in Siem Reap by 8pm. We went straight to our hotel for check in. Knowing that a nice accommodation is waiting for you is one of those simple pleasures of tiring road journeys.

GOLDEN TEMPLE VILLA Siem Reap is love.

Golden Temple Villa Siem_Reap
Golden Temple Villa Siem Reap
This is one small hotel with a big statement.It is a testament that small space is not a setback to accentuate a place.In front are so many plants that it feels like going through a small forest before getting to the building entrance and lobby.Inserted in the greens are Buddha statues and Khmer cultural symbols.The lobby is a pleasant space where you can feel that you are indeed in a different place----Welcome to Siem Reap!


While waiting for our room, we were directed to the restaurant on the left side of the hotel where we were given welcome drinks and cold towels.Perfect place to cool down.The intimate lighting, the accent and the relaxed feel makes for an ideal dining spot.


We were in our room in a few minutes. A rather simple accommodation with three single beds and a feel that is consistent with the hotel.This place is quite a bargain really.Take note.It's an a/c room and I only paid 600php for this.Amazing value!

Not only that, it comes with a free 30-minute massage! It's Khmer massage which according to our therapists who can barely speak English is "same same" with Thai massage.Thai massage is available in the Philippines of course but I have never tried one until here as I prefer oil in contrast to dry massage.At least I have an idea now coz one of the regrets I had during this trip is that I failed to have one in Bangkok during our 3-nights stay in the city.Shame.

If there is one thing I noticed, people at Golden Temple Villa are really nice.They put service at heart.I was a bit pissed off at first because there was a miscommunication with my room upgrade.The manager thought I was asking for a bigger room instead of two double rooms.She misunderstood my email saying there will be five of us instead of only four.To cut the the story short---they gave away one of the rooms so two of our friends don't have a place to stay.Good thing they have a new sister hotel which is just a few meters away.


The one in charge of the reception was very apologetic to us and he even accompanied us to the other hotel where two of our friends stayed.This grace under pressure for me is the ultimate test of service.I saw how humble they are in this kind of circumstance.

We felt taken care of the whole time after this small glitch.
the room replacement

What I particularly love is the internet cafe at the ground floor next to the reception area which is open 24/7.There are enough computers with internet so as you can stay connected with friends. Wifi is also complimentary. In my case,it was an opportunity to transfer my dslr pics to my external hard drive.If not for this,my 4GB SD card would have been insufficient to save the many pictures we took throughout the trip as the backup SD card I bought out of desperation from CDR-king (complete waste of money) crashed early in the trip.

I remember having only a few hours of sleep that night.The beds are comfortable of course and how we wish we could have slept longer but we had to leave as early as 5 am to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat. We checked out of the room and left our baggage at the lobby to be picked up after lunch.


Summer days in Cambodia are hot! I remember going back to Golden Temple Villa at around 1pm and were greeted with cold towels and cold mineral water again.My friends were all delighted for the care.This hotel knows what their guests need even before they ask for it.

Very good value, a unique appeal and service at its best.Golden Temple Villa Siem Reap is in my "most recommended list".

Steng Thmei, Svaydongkum, Siem Reap 17000, Cambodia
Tel: 012 - 94 34 59
Skype: goldentemplevilla
email them at


  1. in fairness naman ganda ng lugar, haha nauubusan na ko ng words ahh
    magaganda naman kasi talaga lahat ng pinupuntahan mo ee

  2. when the cold towels start their greetings you KNOW it's time to lay off those Happy Pizas!

  3. Hi How and where did you book your angkor wat tour? We are going there Feb next year and we are booking our tours here so we can just relax and enjoy everything when we get there.

    Thanks and btw I am going to try your recommendations, your blog is full of helpful info! Thanks a bunch! =)


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