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KHEMER SOUR SOUP, Cambodian Noodle w/ Curry at PAI SAN RESTAURANT Siem Reap

I was supposed tp write about the temples of Angkor as introductory article to my Siem Reap Series para Grand Entrance, kaso kailangan ko pa mag-aral ng kaunti and read the dictionary more.Mauubusan ka ng adjectives talaga coz not being descriptive about it is such an injustice.

Let's start with the smaller details then.Starting with the hotel (Golden Temple Villa) which I wrote the other day and yes, I remember eating the night after checking in (as has been a habit since day 1.

Here's what we ate for our first dinner dinner in Siem Reap.

Khmer Sour Soup
If it was mostly fish,fish ,fish in Phnom Penh, the food we had in Siem Reap were mostly meat.Pork,meat or chicken. I noticed that in this particular set that we ordered, there's a peculiar "coco-nutty" flavor. Not to mention the curry of course with its flavorful taste.

Basil was still the major concern of my wife so we had a hard time looking at the menu for food that doesn't have any spirit of basil.A hard feat.She ended up with Fried Meat with Sweet and Sour which is simply, sweet and sour.
It was a quick late night meal and we didn't get to scrutinize the food but we were not disappointed.Prices are also consistent, mostly $3 which includes the whole set (with rice). I like the noodle rice which was part of my meal.Kinda weird at first and still feels different eating it but equally filling. I love the vegetable-meat combination of most of the dishes we order, and the "coco-nutty"flavor of course!
lakas maka-breakfast neto :)

Add beer and you are in for a nice for a pleasurable fill.I think Angkor is better than Cambodia Lager. Wala lang. Wink ****


Cambodia Noodle with Curry Chicken $3.50
Curry Soup with Seafood $3
Khmer Sour Soup $2.5
Steam Rice with Lok-Lak $3
Fried Meat with Sweet and Sour $3
Angkor Beer -- $3
Cambodia Lager Beer  --$3

GOLDEN TEMPLE VILLA Siem Reap: Small hotel with a BIG Statement

Another micro-post which will be part of a Grand Summary for my Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand Series.Look for more updates soon!!!


  1. nakakagutom! extra rice nga po!
    mukang the best ung last two ahh pang pulutan haha


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