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Pusangkalye's TOP PINOY TRAVEL BLOG 2013

Talked to people and many of them are not yet aware of blogs, especially travel blogs.I am pretty confident though that when they hit google and search for a place and how to reach it, chances are, they would land on a travel blog of which they are not aware of. The power of social media is a big push for Philippine Tourism and I am proud to be part of the revolution.

And there are so many travel blogs out there making sure every inch of the country is covered.You can see bloggers go to places never heard of before.It's amazing how through word of mouth and online, new tourists destinations are created.

My travel blog is an offspring of my 5-year old then confused blog. On shaky ground as it might have started, I have always maintained it to be highly personal.And when it eveolved into more of a travel-lifestyle blog, the highly personal approach is still there.After all, -----travel is a personal experience.

Filipino travel bloggers are very active. And since is having a survey on the
2013 Top Pinoy Travel Blog , I would like to take the opportunity to mention the blogs that has influenced, inspired and surprised me through the years.This in no particular order.

Pusangkalye's TOP PINOY TRAVEL BLOG 2013

Choosing proved to be hard, especially because there are so many young travel bloggers these days who are very passionate about writing.They have the energy, the passion and the resources to go places and the wit to write about their travel experiences.

Keep those wonderful travel stories coming guys!!!!



  1. wow, may gantong list ka pala!
    nice kung mayaman na ko try ko bisitahin yan mga yan!
    haha kasi maiingit lang ako kung hindi pa dito nga sayo
    lahat ata comment ko ee may ingit na word ee ahaha

  2. salamat ng marami. ng marami ng marami. ng marami.

  3. wee salamat ng madami!! lalo na sa referral na bonggels!


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