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KHA VI GUEST HOUSE: Where NOT to Stay in Phnom Penh Cambodia

Among all the accommodations we tried during our Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand trip , KHA VI GUEST HOUSE in Phnom Penh was the worst.I mean, $10 overnight accommodation (good for 2pax w/o breakfast) is not expensive but I am sure you can find a better place at the same rate.If I am to describe it in one word, it would be ----- dysfunctional.

We stayed in a fan room originally for 2 but upgraded it to 3 beds so we were asked to pay $5 more.Meaning, $5 per pax. We paid an extra $5 coz we realized that we cannot survive without the A/C on one hot Cambodian summer night.That means $20 total for this dark,dysfunctional and ambiance-less place.


one of the streets in downtown Phnom Penh

Our rooms were actually on another building across the street from the main guesthouse where we registered.I thought I like the ambiance more at the main building which by the way is the one I saw online which made me think I got a good value hotel in Phnom Penh.But it wasn't as good as I expected.The extension building which I reckon is newer than the main building looks creepy.It looks like a deserted house.Lifeless and no accent at all.Never noticed any other guests except us.Good thing we were too busy and tired we didn't even bother to complain.Actually, I haven't really given much thought about it until now that I am writing this recalling the experience.

Not only that the building and the hallways are lifeless,even the room itself.It was dark and lacks appeal.Basic tulugan lang talaga.

I do shower every night before going to bed, and yes, even during the entire backpacking trip.Can't help it even if what my body only wants to do is to jump into bed and sleep.The most annoying part therefore is having a dysfunctional shower.Yes, hot shower that doesn't go hot.Mas mainit pa ang init ng gabi kesa sa tubig. Water pressure was annoyingly weak too.And the mirror and the hinges on the wall up to the space where you can place your toiletries and stuff are all badly coordinate.Talk about how a simple toilet session can go complicated.I saw a a couple of Scotch taped sections in the restroom, which shows how un-serious they are at fixing things.

I have nothing to complain in terms of service.They were very accommodating.They also allowed us to leave our things at the lobby when we were on city tour and none of our valuables got lost.They also effortlessly and quickly booked our shuttle tickets to Siem Reap for $10 ---van.

Then again, Kha Vi Guesthouse will not be in my recommended list.I think you can find a better place with the same price range.Consider yourself warned.


7DD1 258 Street, Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Formerly Sweet Home Guest House)


  1. did the same route last feb. kala ko westernize na ang Pinas... gang nakita ko Phnom Penh.. stayed at Top Bananas at Mad Monkey

  2. parang sa manila la ng talaga ee nu


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